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IF your vehicle is collateral for loan in DEFAULT, it CAN be repoed.

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Q: Can your car be repo'ed if you have the title?
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If your car was repossessed and you paid the loan off do you get the title?

If your car was paid off, then why was it repoed? Or if you mean you paid it off after it was repoed, then if the loan company accepted your money,then they have to give you the car and title back. I would call them and get it back or your money back.

If you are on the title with the primary buyer can you get the car and not make payments?

Either party ON THE TITLE is entitled to possession, but someone will HAVE to make payments or it will be repoed.

Can a car that was sold be repoed if title not transferred WITHIN 45 DAYS AND NO Insurance?

Read your sales contract.

Can a car be repossessed if it is used for colaterial and the title was never turned over to the financial lender?

turning over the title is NOT the only way to record a lien on your car. IF the lender did it correctly, YES, it can be repoed.

Does your ex have to sign over the title of the car you co-signed for and he let get repoed and is now in your possession and which you have paid off?

IF his name is on the TITLE and you want it OFF the title, you get him to sign. Otherwise, he can drive it tooooo.

Can you get your wheels back if car was repoed?

No As far as finance company is concerned the car came with wheels, it has wheels on it when repoed. Done deal.

My car was repoed can i file bankrupt and get it back?


Do repo papers have to be shown when your car is being repoed?


How late can you be before a car is repoed?

3 months

If your car is repoed can they charge you to get back you personal belongings?


What will happen to you if the repo man comes to get your car while you're traveling out of state?

1)he will take the car you left if that is the car to be repoed. 2)If you are traveling in the car to be repoed he will wait for you to return and repo it after you get back.

What if your cosigner died and your car was repoed can you get it back without paying the price of the car?


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