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repossessing a vehicle is NOT tresspassing in any state. It is a LAWFUL reason to be on the property. READ your contract again, you likely gave the lender permission to do so.

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Q: Can your car be repoed on private property in the state of Texas?
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Can a repo company come on private property without permission move another car that is parked behind said car to be repoed and in process cause damages to your home and said car to be repoed?

Repo laws are different for each state. Check for laws in your state or advise what state you are in.

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What is a felony when it comes to destruction of private property?

well, in Texas the charge is criminal mischief and the value of property damage has to be $1500-$20,000. It's a state jail offense and carries 6months to 2 years in a state jail

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What year did Texas become a community property state?

it became a state in december 29,1845

Can you claim adverse possession on property if you have paid delinqunt taxes and maintenance on the property for 17 years in the state of Texas?

I have paid delinquent taxes and maintenance on my deceased great -grandmother's property for seventeen years. She did not have a will. Can I file an adverse possession for the title on the property, in the state of Texas?

How do i get rid of an abandon vehicle on private property in wash state?

Call the police

Do you need a permit to sell a vehicle on private property?

Depending which state you live in, most states let you sell three cars a year from private property with out permits or license.

What is the standard of the church on private ownership of property?

You haven't provided much detail such as which church and country.United StatesPrivate ownership of property is allowed and is governed by state law. Religious corporations may privately own real property under the provisions of state laws.

Can a police officer issue a ticket for operating out of class on private property?

It depends on the way the law is written in your state. In some (all?) states the regulation is worded so that it is effective and enforceable ANYWHERE in the state, and that includes private property.

Are hospitals allowed to place liens on property in Texas?

Property liens for any type of debts are allowed in the state of Texas after due process of the law has been followed.