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IF there is a perfected security interest for a loan that your car is collateral for, YES it can be repoed, in Florida or California. Try UCC-1 filing for perfecting a security interest.

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Who is responsible for hail damage that happened while a car was repossessed?

The owner of the car listed on the insurance policy.

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Where online can I go to find repossessed cars for sale? is a site where you can bid on those cars that have been repossessed. It offers a wide range of of models and locations of where the vehicles are being listed.

Can my house be repossessed if my husband is madebankrupt but is not on the deeds?

Your husband's name is not on the deed, but is he on the loan? If yes, then it cannot be foreclosed and repossessed if the property is listed on his bankruptcy filing, and, as long as his bankruptcy payments are current. If he defaults on bankruptcy payments, then you can lose the property. If he is not on the loan, then your house can be foreclosed and repossessed.

Is lien holder information listed on the title?

Yes. Valid existing liens should be listed on the back of the vehicle's title.

Can a creditor list your car as repossessed on your credit even if they have not repossessed it yet?

Looks like 2 choices here..they made a mistake and listed the wrong account OR they have more faith that they CAN and will repo it than you do...LOL

What are your rights in California after your car has been repossessed?

there are many and not listed in one place, start here. CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS 400 R Street Sacramento, CA 95814 (800) 952-5210 (916) 445-1254 TDD: (916) 322-1700 email:

If a husband and wife divorce can the wife get the vehicle if the husband and mother are listed as the title holder?


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How do you find the lien holder if you only have the VIN of the car and no paperwork but you do have the car?

To find the lien holder of a vehicle, the registered owner of the vehicle will have to apply for a duplicate title. The VIN will be necessary to obtain the duplicate title. The lien holder will be listed on the duplicate title.

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If you voluntarily let your car be repossessed by the lender do you still have to pay on the loan?

Yes! It will still be listed on your credit report as a voluntary return and you will still be responsible for the cost

How can you get a declaration page showing the lien holder for the insurance on my car?

Declaration pages are the first few pages of the policy outlining your coverages. If you have a copy of you policy, your lien holder should be listed there. If it is not listed, call your insurance company or agent and request that they should add it to your policy. You will get confirmation in the mail of this change shortly after.

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What if the title says or How many signatures does it take to sell?

It takes the signature of all owners listed on the title and the lien holder.

What happens if the policy holder dies?

If the owner of an insurance policy is deceased then is should be listed as an asset when it comes to distribution. If the insured dies, then any value would be passed on to any listed beneficiaries.

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