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Can your car be repossessed if the California DMV sent you a pink slip with no lien holder and none are listed on your registration?

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IF there is a perfected security interest for a loan that your car is collateral for, YES it can be repoed, in FLORIDA or California. Try UCC-1 filing for perfecting a security interest.

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The owner of the car is the lien holder and that will be listed on the car's title.

User Avatar is a site where you can bid on those cars that have been repossessed. It offers a wide range of of models and locations of where the vehicles are being listed.

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Yes. Valid existing liens should be listed on the back of the vehicle's title.

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Your husband's name is not on the deed, but is he on the loan? If yes, then it cannot be foreclosed and repossessed if the property is listed on his bankruptcy filing, and, as long as his bankruptcy payments are current. If he defaults on bankruptcy payments, then you can lose the property. If he is not on the loan, then your house can be foreclosed and repossessed.

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