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Can your car be repossessed if your wages are already being garnished?


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Yes, the two issues have nothing to do with each other.


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You do not owe money for a car if it has been repossessed, so your wages can't be garnished for that reason.

if my wages are being garnished can they still take my income tax check?

this could happen, however, you are better off to hire a lawyer, or get legal aid.

'In the state of IN you can have a child support and 1 garnishment at the same time'

No In Texas your wages can be garnished by the IRS or Child Support only

Yes, wages can be garnished in Illinois.

Yes, if there was a deficiency balance owing after the car was sold at auction. Your creditor would have to sue you and obtain judgment in order to garnish your wages.

garnished wages in Texasno the state of Texas does not garnish wages for no debts unless it is IRS related or student loans or anything dealing with government loans.

No not in the state of NC - only for child support and taxes. Wanda Improve Credit, LLC

Collection bureaus can obtain court orders to garnish wages for debts unrelated to child support, even if those wages are also being garnished for child support.

when there is a garnishee on wages, it has to go through a court that way you will be notified by the company and the court.

A person on fixed income wages can be garnished. The reason I know is because my friends father got his wages garnished because he borrowed to much money on his chase card. Her father has to pay back 35,000: that includes intrest. My advice is to not get a credit card and if you get a credit card, only use it for emergencies only because you do not want your wages garnished when you already have a fixed income.

Yes, you can be terminated from a job for any justifiable reason. The repossession and garnishment are YOUR problems, not your employer's. * No, it is illegal for an employer to fire an employee because of his or her wages being garnished. Unfortunately, it is usually not difficult for an employer to come up with a plausible reason to discharge an employee in order to circumvent discriminatory practice laws.

A spouse's wages cannot be garnished for a debt that is not theirs. Wages can only be garnished up to 25 percent under federal law.

A creditor cannot garnish your wages unless they file a lawsuit and obtained a judgment against you. The time deadline to file a lawsuit will vary by state.

if you account is being garnished you would have an order from the court in your area.. Unless it Federal

Can wages be garnished for the balance of an auto loan in the state of Delaware

There are situations where a California employer can hold an employee's wages. If the employee's wages are being garnished the employer can hold them.

If your wages are being garnished it will not effect how much you get back or pay in. Keep in mind though the garnishing authority could take your refund with a process called claim of right or offset.

can you be garnished on your disibilty

Wages cannot be garnished for credit card debt in South Carolina. They can be garnished for unpaid taxes and child support.

Yes, your wages can be garnished wherever you work for a debt. Generally, wages are not approved to be garnished for unsecured debt.

YES. If not, everyone would be buying their cars in TX. No other state would sell cars.

knowing the lawpeoples wages mostly get garnished from law suites and judgments from the court systems

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