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No, Not unless there is harm being done to the child as a result of living with the person. The dad can take you to court all he wants to anout anything that's his right but that don't mean the judge will grant anything, He would have to get proof of the kids being in harms way.

In Oklahoma, non-cohabitation clauses are run-of-the-mill in divorces dealing with minor children because everybody recognizes that cohabitation with an unmarried person or non-relative harms children, per se.

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Q: Can your custody be challenged if you live with an unmarried partner?
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In California does an unmarried mother with no custody agreement allowed to live in another town After 1 year can the father force her to move back?

who can help a unmarried mother in California get legal and physical custody for free

Is it illegal for mother to have custody of a minor child and live with an unmarried man?

No. A single parent can live with whoever they want as long as that person is not harmful to the child.

Can one unmarried parent move to a new town without the natural fathers APPROVAL?

There is no requirement to have approval. As they are not married, the mother has custody. Where she and her child live is up to her.

If a child live with the unmarried father for 6 years do he have custody?

No. At any time the mother can retrieve the child. He must get a Court order. see related link

How old do you have to sponsor someone from abroad in the UK?

You and your sponsoring partner must both be 18 years of age or over. You and your partner must intend to live together on a permanent basis. You must show that any previous relationship that you or your partner were involved in (whether it be as a married or an unmarried couple) has ended.

Can a divorced mother with minor children have her partner live in her house without the consent of the children's father who has joint custody in Illinois?

She does not need father's permission to have someone else live with her, but it opens the door for the ex to go back to court for custody or to reduce child support.

Can minors choose what parent to live with if the parents haven't been married?

The minor can choose only if the parents agree. Otherwise, if the child does not want to live with the parent with legal custody the non-custodial parent must petition the court for primary custody and provide compelling evidence as to why the court should take custody from the mother. Note that an unmarried mother has sole legal custody of her child until the father establishes his paternity legally. Once he has established his paternity he can request custody and/or visitation rights.

What is a BOQ barrack?

That is where unmarried officers can live.

You are 16 your dad has custody you want to to live with your mom?

you are 16 dad has custody you want to live with your mom Okay ^^^ I want to know can I go live with my mom I am 16 and my dad has custody

If two unmarried parnets split up and live in differents states how is custody decided?

It can vary greatly the child can live with one parent for half the year & the other parent the other half. The list goes on & on, just take this question to a lawyer or the courthouse for your county.

You have custody of your son your ex is trying to take away your custody because you live with your fiance is it illegal in the State of Arkansas to live with someone and retain custody?

not if you are the biological parent

Does the unmarried mother still have custody of a child if that child has the fathers last name?

If you live in the US... The child having the father's last name has NOTHING to do with custody. If Dad is listed on the birth certificate as the father, then both parents have equal custodial rights until a court declares otherwise--you need a custody order. If Dad is not listed on the birth certificate, it will be a simple thing for him to petition the court to establish paternity and once that's done he can then petition for custody/visitation.

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