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Q: Can your employer lay you off if you are on workmens compensation?
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Can you be laid off when you have a long term disability?

Yes an employer can lay off employees any time. But if you became disabled while an employee, the company must pay compensation for as long as ordered. After that, they have no responsibility toward you.

Can an employer lay off after disability?

Legally, no, an employer should not lay off anyone after disability. However, it does happen. It particularly happens if the employee can no longer do his or her job correctly because of his or her disability.

Is it legal for my employer to lay me off due to breast cancer?

No it is not legal to lay you of because you have breast cancer.

Can an employer fire or lay you off you if you have a claim against them?

Possibly - probably depends on your state

How long must an employer hold your position while on workers comp?

In Canada the Employer can give your position to someone else for the time you are away, but must give you that position back when you return. However, if you are on and off Worker's Compensation then your Employer has a right to give you another position which you can handle with the condition you have. An Employer cannot fire an Employee that is on Workers Compensation.

What possibilities do laid off workers face?

If you are laid off, file for unemployment compensation and take advantage of any outplacement services your employer offers.

Can an employer fire you because of health issues?

No, I believe it's illegal. But they are allowed to lay you off.

What percentage of basic wages an employer has to pay the employee during lay off period?


What is the definition of Unemployment Compensation?

Typically Unemployment Compensation occurs when one loses their job either because they were fired or layed off by an employer. By law, the employer is required to pay that person a percentage of their pay for a set number of weeks. If one quits a job, it can not be collected.

How long do you have to be off to collect workmens comp?

To the best of my knowledge, there is no minimum time you have to be absent before you can collect worker's compensation payments, provided you are missing work due to an injury or illness related to working your position.

Can an employee lay you off for a week without pay because you look tired?

An employer can change your schedule for any reason, and you work the schedule set by the employer.

When will you receive compensation for time off due to injury?

In the State of Nevada the employer has 24 hours to fax/submit all accident/incident information to the workmens Comp office. By 24 hours I mean after the hospital has returned the required paperwork including drug test results to the employer, and/or any investigation into the events leading to the mishap has been completed. If the investigation take 2 day or a week they then have 24 hours to submit. If medical treatment was required the medical facility will submit a claim for payment against the insurer/state. REMEMBER: The employer does not approve or disapprove any workmens comp claims, the insurer or state approves or disapproves any compinsation provided to the injured party.

Does your employer have to file for workmens comp after they tell you to take time off because they dont have work for you?

Workers comp is a benefit associated with workplace inuries, not with lack of work. Employers never file for WC, injured employees do.

What is the definition of total annual compensation?

The definition of total annual compensation includes all your benefits of employment. This includes your salary, time off benefits, what your employer pays towards your health benefits, retirement, and other fringe benefits.

How long does a New Jersey employer have to pay your unemployment after you were laid off?

You have to apply to the New Jersey unemployment office for benefits. Employers do not pay the compensation, the state does.

Can my employer lay me off after i filed a workers comp claim?

Your employer cannot fire you just because you have filed a workers comp claim. They must have proof of something else before they can fire you.

Can an employer hold your check for no reason?

No, employers are generally required to compensate you for the work that you have done. Even if the employer was to lay you off, they still should issue a final paycheck for the work that you have done previously.

What is retrenchment compensation?

Retrenchment means lay off of employees from the company on account of many reasons like, company going in debt or company's need to cut down the payroll, etc. The compensation given at that time to the employees for firing of them without any notice is called retrenchment compensation.

Does an employer have to pay an employee for time off of work due to injury at work in Iowa?

Work injuries are evaluated under the Worker's Compensation system. If the injuries are proven, the employer pays a percentage of disability. Therefore, it is not the usual wage, but is a percentage.

Make a sentence using 'employer'?

The employer did not give anyone the day off. He went to his employer and asked for a raise.

Canyour employer lay you off while your out on disability?

Certainly. If employees more senior to you and less senior to you got laid off, so do you. You can't be fired BECAUSE OF disability, you can be terminated for any other reason.

If you had surgery and the Doctor restricted you to 4 hrs work per day do the other 4 hrs come off your sick leave or does your work cover them?

That depends on your employer and company policy. If the surgery was due to a work related accident, you should get some compensation from your employer's Workers' Compensation insurance.

When spouses work for the same company and one of them quits due to a dispute with the employer is it legal for the employer to lay off the remaining spouse a few days later?

If it is an at will state, there is nothing the employees can do. They may have a case with the EEO and should check with them and file immediately if they do.

What can an employer do if an employee is unable to perform job due to injury on the job?

Due to workers compensation laws, an employer must either allow their employee time off work with no negative consequences, or find another job that the worker is capable of performing during recovery. While each state has specific laws regarding workers compensation, if an employee is injured on the job, they are protected from write-ups and termination.

What do you do if you lent your employer money and you were laid off?

If you lent your employer money and were laid off, you ask your employer for your money back! If you do not get it back you sue him in a court of law.