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In the State of Nevada the employer has 24 hours to fax/submit all accident/incident information to the workmens Comp office. By 24 hours I mean after the hospital has returned the required paperwork including drug test results to the employer, and/or any investigation into the events leading to the mishap has been completed. If the investigation take 2 day or a week they then have 24 hours to submit. If medical treatment was required the medical facility will submit a claim for payment against the insurer/state. REMEMBER: The employer does not approve or disapprove any workmens comp claims, the insurer or state approves or disapproves any compinsation provided to the injured party.

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Q: When will you receive compensation for time off due to injury?
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Is an employee's accrued vacation time due to job injury Workmens Compensation?


If you miss work due to a workman comp injury can the company make you use your sick leave to cover the days off due to the injury?

Workers compensation insurance should cover your lost time. You may be able to file a grievance with the insurance company to this effect, or you should consult a workers compensation attorney for direction.

What is the process for submitting an injury compensation claim?

The process for submitting an injury compensation claim is simple due to them being easily accessible from a variety of website such as Thompsons. They are filled in online and then sent for review automatically.

Federal Employees Compensation Act provides compensation benefits to federal employees who are?

disabled due to injury or illness sustained while in the performance of duty.

Federal Employees Compensation Act FECA provides compensation benefits to federal employees who are?

Disabled due to injury or illness sustained while in the performance of duty.

Federal employee compensation act (feca) provides compensation benefits to federal employees who are?

disabled due to injury or illness sustained while in the performance of duty.

What is the benefit of worker compensation insurance?

The benefit of worker compensation insurance is when you are unable to attend work due to a illness or injury you can claim compensation and still earn the money even though you're not working.

Why are compensation solicitors necessary?

Compensation solicitors are necessary to receive payments from individuals sometimes when they are not willing to make payments toward past due balances.

Does workers compensation pay an employee a weekly check to compensate for lost salary?

Yes, Workman's Compensation provides disability payments for loss of wages due to a workplace injury.

What is monetary compensation?

Monetary compensation awarded/awardable to a party injured as a result of a breach of contract or a negligent act; the injury sustained due to misfeasance, negligence or breach of contract.

Why would one need a brain injury solicitor?

A person may need a brain injury solicitor or lawyer to assist in a brain injury lawsuit. If a person is a victim of a brain injury due to the negligence of another, a brain injury lawyer can get compensation for their injuries.

Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA) provides compensation benefits to federal employees who are?

Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA) provides compensation benefits to federal employees who are:

If your fired one week after receiving an injury that is covered on workmans comp do you still receive payment for the lost wages for the time your not able to work due to the injury?

it really depends on how bad the injury is if they fire you because of your injury report them. and no you dont because they fired you u dont get fined for doing that.

Are you liable for injury compensation due to slipping on a wet floor inside a cafe where no warning sign is being posted?

Most likely.

If you cannot work due to a injury can you file for unemployment?

No, you must be physically able to work and available. you would have to file for Workers Compensation.

How long do you have to be off to collect workmens comp?

To the best of my knowledge, there is no minimum time you have to be absent before you can collect worker's compensation payments, provided you are missing work due to an injury or illness related to working your position.

Under what circumstances can an employee receive unemployment compensation?

Due to layoff, termination due to causes not your own, and in certain cases where you have to quit because of illness or family crisis.....

Can you get workmans compensation for taking meds that keep you from being able to do your job safely?

Workman's Compensation is administered by the individual States and the rules that apply vary from State to State. Federal employees fall under The Federal Workman's Compensation. In my State, Workman's Compensation is available only if the condition preventing you from working is a work related illness or injury. You can get information at:, they have information for Federal and each individual State. You can also call your local Workman's Compensation Board. Reasons Why You Can't Get Workman's Compensation 1. If you are taking medication so that you are unable to do your job safely and receive workman's compensation. 2. If you have a condition that require you to take medication that makes you unable to work safely. If you apply for unemployment due to disability, then yes you can receive workman's compensation.

Where is it possible to file claims for an accident or an injury?

To file a claim for compensation for an injury due to negligence, there are injury and accidents forms that a claimant needs to fill out. These forms will ask the claimant to give details about the injury or accident. If a claimant does not feel comfortable doing this on their own, they should hire an attorney who specializes in accident and injury claims.

What if you cant do the job duo to injury and seek other employment and it has less hour and pay does workers comp make up the difference?

Due to the injury which has been accidently so we can't finsih our job as soon as possible, not only that no time to and also it is due to the less hour, the salary is less than that of which asked in the other company so, please after my inury gets cleared, and if my salary get raised i may finish my job which is given to be it is because no compensation for the injury which i have in the office timings so please reconsider and give my compensation also . Thankyou K.shanmugapriya

What can an employer do if an employee is unable to perform job due to injury on the job?

Due to workers compensation laws, an employer must either allow their employee time off work with no negative consequences, or find another job that the worker is capable of performing during recovery. While each state has specific laws regarding workers compensation, if an employee is injured on the job, they are protected from write-ups and termination.

Does an employer have to pay an employee for time off of work due to injury at work in Iowa?

Work injuries are evaluated under the Worker's Compensation system. If the injuries are proven, the employer pays a percentage of disability. Therefore, it is not the usual wage, but is a percentage.

What do you do when you are discharged from a job due to a work injury and are unable to fill the job requirements?

File a Worker's Compensation Claim For an example of this program, see the Related Link below.

Are damages for emotional distress taxable income?

In the US, yes, of course they are.Emotional distress. Emotional distress itself is not a physical injury or physical sickness, but damages you receive for emotional distress due to a physical injury or sickness are treated as received for the physical injury or sickness. Do not include them in your income. If the emotional distress is due to a personal injury that is not due to a physical injury or sickness (for example, unlawful discrimination or injury to reputation), you must include the damages in your income, except for any damages you receive for medical care due to that emotional distress. Emotional distress includes physical symptoms that result from emotional distress, such as headaches, insomnia, and stomach disorders.

If a lawyer fails to inform the client that she could have sued a third party due to their negligence can the client sue that lawyer?

Yes,I believe the lawyer should have told the client so to receive additional compensation. Yes,I believe the lawyer should have told the client so to receive additional compensation.

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