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Can your male betta mate with all your female betta?


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If they are not too old and the female is ready, then they will mate.


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Yes all bettas can mate with other bettas. " regular betta fish" there are different types and they can all breed together.

Its eather because there just playing or she doesnt want to mate with the boy or there fighting thats all i can give you for info

All bettas will fight each other, male or female. Always keep them separated.

Betta fish are very territorial, but during mating season they make a bubble nest to mate, when they male and female are the right ones to mate they will start to dance, after that they mate for about 30 minutes-8 hours. Finally when they are done the male will chase the female off and he will guard his nest until all the eggs have hatched.

betta fish mate when the male starts to make a bubble nest.he does this when the temp is raised to about 27-28c,now you need to separate the female into a private chamber where the male can see in the same tank for a few hours.then release her.if all goes well your beta fish will mate

I cant realy explain. But I recommend going to and find out how.the male forces the eggs out of the female and tell all of them r out and the female might die1

No. A male Betta will either spawn the female, and then kill her if she is not removed, or if she will/can not breed with him for some reason, he will kill her anyway. The rule for Bettas is a male can not be kept permanently with any other Betta. They are OK with all other species of fish.

Hmm, intresting. Of all my time of breeding bettas for fun, I never had a male betta which has a baby on its own.

No, there are male and female. If there were no males, there would be no ladybugs at all- since male and female mate in order to reproduce.

The Betta fish want to kill eachother. That's what all Betta fish want to do, that's a natural thing.

None, animals cant have a baby without a female and a male and they mate. You welcome

You can not "MAKE" any fish breed. All you can do is look after them correctly and bring them into breeding condition, then provide the fish with the right conditions and "HOPE" they will breed for you.

when a female is ready to mate you will see a white spot by her vent. when a male is ready to mate he will make a bubble nest. the bubble nest will be at least 5 to 6 cm. long. you have to put the betas together the male will squeeze the female until all the eggs come out. then remove the female. the male will protect the egg's .in two days the eggs will hatch. in three month's you have to remove the male or he will eat them on accident

Like all mammals, dolphins require both a female and a male to reproduce. They do mate.

No, in a wolf pack only the Alpha male and Alpha female will mate.

As soon as the male has put all the eggs in the bubble nest.

Male ants only have one job and that is to mate with the queen ant. After they mate, the male ant dies. All of the worker ants are female.

they mate by the male running after the female and he corners her then he will get on top of her and release his penise into the females the male is pretty much humping the female.=]LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLits actually the male doing a dance for the female by waving his hips around and making a weird purr, and then he jumps on her, and does the crazzyy. ;) believe me, i had two guinea pigs, that's what happened, and they had babies.if its a male they mate with a female if its female they mate with a male the female becomes pregnant and give live birth in a couple weeks. all mammals are like this

It is simply the male Betta showing that he is in condition and ready to breed. All he is waiting for is a female in breeding condition to come a visiting so he can show her his nest.

When a female Betta is introduced to a male Betta one of two things will happen. The male will build a bubble nest and try to spawn the female and during the courting time he will drive off any other occupants of the tank and kill them if they can not escape (hide successfully). He does this in order to protect his prospective young. If she fails to spawn he will drive her off and kill her if she is not removed. In other words you can not keep a male Betta with another Betta (male or female) without trouble. The Tetras will be perfectly OK with a Betta female OR a Betta male. Not the two (pair) that you are proposing. The general rule that all experienced and successfull aquarists live by is a fish needs 1 gallon of water per inch of body length. Work it out.

All you have to do is put the male and the female into the same cage. But you should keep an eye on them for they may fight or mate.

they all know how, it just probably just doesnt like the female you put in...........

that would not be the best thing but all Bettas are different. a male betta is used to being alone. if you would like to do that, keep the tank in shallow water, about the depth of half your tank (about your finger height) and make sure they have a lot of room ideally a male betta should never be kept with any female bettas unless they are breeding as they 'supposedly' will attack and kill each other. However i have a male betta who has lived with 3 female bettas for 8 months and ive had no problems. he never flares at them, has never attacked them and vice versa. he will even sleep next to the smallest female.

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