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You bet they can. There is no hard and fast rule between teenagers and their parents. I know you feel mature enough to make most of your own decisions, but the bottom line is, your parents love you, worry about you (will until the day they die) and perhaps some of their house rules sound off the wall to you, but really sit down and ask yourself if they are really all that bad. The main thing between teenagers and parents is respect. There is going to be some misunderstandings and especially mothers hate the idea that their kids growing up and soon will be leaving home, while the teenager is ready and eager to persue life and a future and get out from under parental rulings. I think you have what it takes to start taking on some maturity, so sit down, write out a list of the rules of your parents home, study them and really be honest with yourself as to the fact are they fair or unfair, and if they are unfair, why? Then sit down with your parents (no arguing) and discuss this list with them and communicate how you feel. Be realistic and don't try to argue. See if the 3 of you can come halfway. Life is about respecting those you love, so here is your big leap in reality and maturity. Are you up for it? Marcy

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Q: Can your parents kick you out if you are 18 or older and still in high school but do not follow their rules?
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