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Can your parents take your Social Security check and not spend it on you?

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The SSA require that Social Security benefits be used for the person that is eligible to receive them and in some instances for a dependent spouse and minor children.

SS benefits for minors are due to the loss of a parent 'Survivor benefits'.

The general criteria is that such monies are to be used for basic necessities, food, clothing, shelter, education, in some cases a reasonable amount of spending money for an older child, etc. with any remainder placed in a savings account for the minor child.

It would be extremely difficult to prove that benefits for a minor are being misused unless an investigation by a social service agency or other authority proved that said minor child was living in an unsuitable environment and had been subjected to neglect and/or abuse.

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Can you spend a social security check on recreational activities?

If it is your account, you can do anything you want with it. If you are the custodian for another person's check, the money has to be spent for that person. The guidelines for what benefits another are pretty liberal. If the other person is a minor and you want to use his money to take him and the family to an amusement park, that would be fine. You do have to keep a record of how you spend the money if you are the custodian, but that is pretty simple. Social Security gives you a form. The local Social Security office can provide answers to your specific questions.

Which of these does the UK government spend the most money on education social security or policing?

In the 2012/13 financial year, the United Kingdom government will spend more money on social security than on education or policing.Excluding health expenditure (which is treated separately by the UK), the Government will spend £240billion (36.1% of the total budget) on social security. In contrast it will spend £91billion (13.7%) on education and £32billion (4.8%) on public order, safety and justice.

How much does the us government spend on social security and medicare annually?

100 bagatrillibiliion

What is the role of the social security act today?

Social security is like a trust fund. You save money while you work and then you can spend it while you are in retirement. It also gives the Republicans something to argue about.

How can you use social secuurity benefits for everyday spending?

You can use it to pay off bills. Usually people like to spend there social security benefits on mortgages and bills. I would spend it on groceries or necessities.

What causes of a social problems among teenagers?

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Can my mother legally take 2000 out of my social security account if it's not for my best interest but rather for part of a car payment for my younger sister?

No. You should speak with some trusted adult. She has no right to spend your own money from social security.

How much parents spend on newborn?

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Are you responsible for social security payments incorrectly made to your now deceased wife?

yes you may not spend these payments. YOu wil have to pay back.

Can you use a dependents social security retirement payments as child support payments?

If the checks are coming to you, the money is yours to spend on the child's up keep.

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Worker get increase in social security affect GDP?

It probably would affect GDP because people getting social security would have more money to spend so they would be able to buy more goods and services. Have a look at GDP in Wikipedia for more information.

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If a friend needs to move out with his sis Dad doesn't know how to spend money very well and son is 14 but his parent gets Social Security money for him will his sister get it if he lives with her?

she will have to apply for it through social sevices

Is the monthly social security check prorated if they die in middle of month?

Social Security benefits are paid in arrears. That is, benefits are paid on the 1st of the month AFTER the beneficiary has earned them by living the previous month. The requirement is a person must live the entire month to earn the benefit. For instance, if one dies during the month of September - even September 30th - then no benefit should be paid on October 1st. If a beneficiary dies, you should notify the Social Security Administration immediately, as well as any other federal retirement office which pays retirement annuities. If a check is sent, don't cash it but return it. If money is directly deposited in the bank, don't spend it as it will be transferred back to the government. You should first call (800) 772-1213 and speak with a Social Security agent for more information.

What two things does the government spend most of its money on?

The gov spends the most money on health and human services which account for programs like welfare and temporary aid for needy families and the like. That cost about $900 billion a year, then its social security and then its defense. So we spend more on social programs then we do on defense.

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Define social security?

Social Security is a Bankrupted Government Program that was started with good intentions of providing some (not all) retirement money to the American workers once they retired from the work force.It has since been looted by congress, to pay for the many other 'handout' programs they have in place today and many other inappropriate things they have chosen to spend your money on.

Social security direct deposit is late why?

Social security payments have been late the last several months because the federal government is inefficient and punitive. Obama is upset that so many people oppose the HUGE deficits his administration has caused, so he has ordered the withholding or delay of vital services, while continuing to spend billions on non-essentials.

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