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Yes. Emotional stressors can affect your period.

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โˆ™ 2007-08-19 15:00:54
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Q: Can your period be late after sex but not be pregnant?
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Can you be pregnant if you got your period two days after sex?

If you have had ur period 2 days after you have had sex then your not pregneant, but if your period is late after haveing sex then you could be pregnant!

My period is late after i had protected sex could i be pregnant?


My period was 7 days late now i have my period can i be pregnant?

if you got your period, then you are not pregnant. (unless you have had sex again during this time.)

Could you be pregnant if your body feels different?

It depends on the symptoms your experiencing and whether you had unprotected sex and whether your period is late. If your period is late and you had unprotected sex then yes, you could be pregnant. Do a test when your period is due or three weeks after having sex. take care.

I am two days late on my period can i be pregnant?

If you have had unprotected sex, and now you are two days late , then you could very well be pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if last month you are late six weeks get your period then this month you are five weeks late have unprotected sex and still haven't had your period?

Yes because you have had unprotected sex and even though you got your period last month you had sex this month and you period hasn't come yet there so you could be pregnant.

What does it mean when your period is 3 days late what does it mean?

Well if you recently had sex you might be pregnant. But sometimes your period is just late for no reason.

If you have a vaginal infection and are spotting after sex and are late for your period does that mean you could be pregnant?

Late for your period is the only thing in your question that matters with pregnancy. If you are late, take a pregnancy test or go see a doctor. The vaginal infection has nothing to do with you being late. Spotting after sex happens sometimes when you are pregnant.

Is it possible to be pregnant if your period is a week late but you have symptoms of pregnancy?

Yes you could be pregnant if you are having unprotected sex. Symptoms are usually nausea, vomiting, and breast tenderness. If you are pregnant, you could be threatening to have a misscarriage, or not pregnant and having a late period.

What are the chances that your girlfriend can get pregnant when her period is already 4 days late and you had unprotected sex when it was late?

She could be would be a good idea if she took a pregnancy test 2 weeks after the date you had sex

Are you pregnant if you have your period after sex?

Having your period after unprotected sex means you are not pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you took the morning after pill a month ago and your period is late plus had unprotected sex during that time?

Yes, if you had unprotected sex, you could be pregnant.

Why is your period a week late are you pregnant?

if you had sex i would take the test if not dont worry about it!!!!! If you had sex, maybe.

You had your period two days late and also had a negative pregnancy test you had protected sex 5 weeks ago Could you be pregnant?

If you just had your period, you are not pregnant.

You are 13 days late for your period are you pregnant?

Quite possibly, assuming you had sex at a fertile time.

Can you get pregnant when having no period?

You have to have had your period and had sex to get pregnant

Can you have a period after sex?

If you don't have a period after sex then that means your pregnant. But if you do have it after sex then your aren't pregnant :] so yes, yes you can.

Could you be pregnant if last month your period lasted about 3 days and this month your period is late by one or two days?

If you've had unprotected sex you could be pregnant

Could you be pregnant if your period is 3 days late?

yes You could be pregnant if in the last month you have had sex, if not then it could just be from stregth.

If you get your period late are you pregnant?

no if you miss a period you might be pregnant. if you have your period you are not.

You spotted pink and light brown two weeks before your expected period am late on your period can i be pregnant?

If you have had unprotected sex - yes.

Can a girl be pregnant after having protected sex has a late period but then a few days later gets her period?

Yes, this is an indicator of pregnancy.

Why do our period come late?

your period may be late if you are pregnant

My period was a week late an now im bleeding light with cramps and im not sure if its implantation or period and i had unprotected sex a month ago but had my period right after can i be pregnant?

same here i had unprotected sex 6days ago and 1day later im on my period that weird shouldn't i be pregnant not on my period..??

You are a day late on your period and bled a little after sex last night Could you be pregnant?

not neccessarily, doubtful

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