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Provided the estate is solvent, she should be able to obtain the title to the home, subject to the remaining mortgage. She can remain in the home, but will have to satisfy the finance company's lien on the home through a new mortgage or paying it off. There may be additional clauses in the will directing that the mortgage be paid off by the estate. The executor of the estate, or their legal counsel, will be able to answer these questions.

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What is a sentence for the word deceased?

My father is deceased.

Who can challenge paternity of a deceased father?

The parents of the deceased father (the childs grandparents) can do a paternity test.

Who is the father and mother of Sasuke Uchiha?

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What should be done regarding a home mortgage that is jointly held by a father and son when the father dies?

There are several issues that you'll need to address: Was there mortgage insurance? If so, contact them to see what the process is to have the insurance pay off the mortgage. How was the title worded? Did the father have a will? Does the son have resources to continue the mortgage payments? You may need to contact a lawyer to find out what to do next, especially since so many of those issues are determined by the laws of the state.

Is it grammatically correct to say your father is deceased?

Yes. My father is deceased is a polite way to say he is no longer with us.

Can a daughter continue to make the mortgage payments on a house she lives in but that is in her father's name after the father dies if there are no outstanding estate bills and no other beneficiaries?

Yes you can. Make an appointment with a loans officer at the bank your mortgage is at. They will take you through all the paperwork and answer any questions you may have. You will have to have proof of death (death certificate) and possibly the birth certificate of the deceased. Phone first and see what legal documents they require. Be sure you phone other banks and check out the prime rate of mortgages so you can dicker at the bank for a good mortgage rate. Very sorry to hear about your father passing away. Marcy

What does it mean if your father who is deceased approves of new boyfriend?

Assuming the question refers to a dream of the deceased father, it suggests that the dreamer feels confident that her father would approve of this boyfriend if her father were alive.

Where does the clark sisters father live?

He is deceased.

Can you apply for citizenship in Canada where your deceased father was born?

Yes, you can apply for citizenship in Canada if your deceased father was born there. However, it is not a guarantee that you will gain citizenship.

Can social security claim money from deceased father after one year?

Yes, social security money can be claimed from a deceased father after one year.

Can a father and daughter have a mortgage together?

Yes, they can.

Who is Oakheart?

A RiverClan warrior who was the deputy and father to Bluestar's kits: Mosskit(deceased) Mistystar and Stonefur(deceased)

How do you find out if your deceased father had a will?

The best way to find out if a deceased father had a will is to contact his lawyer. Lawyers usually keep confidential records belonging to people's estates and their wills.

How do you protect yourself from incurring inherited mortgage debt from your father?

Generally, if your father owns real property and grants a mortgage while he is living there is no way you can "protect yourself from the mortgage debt" if he should die and you are his beneficiary. You could ask your father to purchase private mortgage insurance that would pay off the mortgage in the case of his death. However, if he does not then you have to decide if you want the property or not in the case of his death. If you don't pay the mortgage the lender will take possession by foreclosure. If you want to keep the property you'll need to pay the mortgage.

Do children from 2nd marriage have any legal rights owned by their previous deceased father?

If their father is deceased, all of his children have some rights to his estate, unless specifically denied them in the will.

Did Keyshia Cole find her birth father?

According to Wikipedia, her biological father, Sal, is deceased.

What does it mean when you dream your deceased father is ironing?

It means you are thinking about him

How do you find out if your deceased father had any stocks or bonds?

There are a few ways to find out of your deceased father had any stocks or bonds. The easiest way is to ask family members like your mom.

Can a son purchase house from his father?

Yes, a son can purchase a house from his father as long as his father is the owner and there is no outstanding mortgage.

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Who gets the flag in a military funeral?

the spouse unless he/she is deceased then the mother/father unless he/she is deceased then in that case the oldest living child .

Does the father or children of the deceased take precedence in making funeral arrangements?

What does the will say? Who is executor of the estate? Were any plans made by the deceased?

If my Grandmother was a US citizen but has deceased and her child your father deceased can you in anyway become a US citzen?

only if you were born in the united states

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