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Ddoubt it. Why not make her the beneficiary?

for more info see and

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Q: Can your wife receive your life insurance benefits even though she is not the beneficiary?
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Who sees your life insurance payout?

When a person gets a life insurance policy, they choose a beneficiary who will receive the moneys that are assured. The beneficiary only sees that money, though, if you die pursuant to the terms and conditions of the agreement (i.e. suicide typically does not lead to payout).

Who was the real beneficiary of holocaust?

There were no 'real' beneficiaries though obviously, there were short-term benefits for the Nazis.

Can out of wedlock child receive insurance benefits from his alleged father?

Yep, as long as it can be proven the child is his, it would have to be added to the policy though to take effect

Can you litigate against your stepfather if you didn't receive any of your mothers life insurance even though she had a will-letter that wasn't notarised?

Life insurance beneficiary overrides any will, whether notarized or not. That's why it is important to constantly review the details of life insurance policies and update the beneficiaries as needed.

What if your father died and left your aunt as his beneficiary will you get benefits?

This is in the Life Insurance category, and if the benefits you are talking about is the life insurance, then no, you won't get them. Not if the Aunt was listed as the beneficiary. If you are refering to the estate, than even though your Aunt may have been exclusively named, you as a child are allowed to contest the will. This not a simple formality, though, and will do little more than cause a lot of legal trouble for everyone. Consult with an attorney for advice specific to your situation. Or just respect your father's clearly wrote wishes and leave it alone.

If the insured dies and the beneficiary dies a month later without collecting the money who does it go to the beneficiarys heirs or insured heirs?

In that case the benefit would be paid into the beneficiary's estate, though that doesn't necessarily mean their heirs will receive it. However, if there is a contingent (secondary) beneficiary they would receive the benefit.

Can the beneficiary collect insurance proceeds if the insured collect illegal rebating from agent?

Though paying rebate to insured by agents is prohibited, that does not hinder in the way of getting insurance proceeds.

What type of policy can a owner and beneficiary be the same?

In any life insurance policy, though there is provision for appointment of nominee, on maturity the proceeds will be payable to the policy holder if he/she is alive. By this way, the owner of the policy and the beneficiary is the same person.

When claiming the death benefit from life insurance are there any fees deducted from the funds owed to the beneficiary?

If there is any outstanding premium, the same is deducted while settling the death claim, though no other fees are deducted from the funds owed to the beneficiary.

Does the life insurance beneficiary get both the cash value and the face amount?

Not usually, though I can't say that it is impossible. Life insurance is not regulated like car and home so one particular company could promise you that. Generally the cash value is if the insured cashes in the policy and the face amount is paid to the beneficiary when the insured dies. I was a life insurance agent for 15 years.

Could your husands ex-wife cash in a life insurance policy on his life even though they were divorced prior to his death and everything was left to you in his Will?

If she's still the beneficiary, yes. The life insurance policy is completely separate from the will.

Does a life insurance company have a legal to inform beneficiaries of an unclaimed policy?

Well, life insurer has the legal responsiblity to intimate the beneficiary during maturity of the policy. But though it is not legally binding, the life insurer ought to send reminder to the beneficiary about unclaimed policy amount, to maintain cordial relationship with the insured/beneficiary of the policy.

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