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Canadians in World War 2?


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Canadians were helpful during World War 2 like D-Day, they operated like typical British units though


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yes the canadians fought with the allies in world war 2

Approximately 44,198 Canadians were killed in WWII.

Yes, Canadians were drafted into the Military during World War 2, most of these people were Blacks and other kinds of Mix-raced people.

German Canadians were treated very badly.

In World War 1, about 58,000 to 67,000 people were killed. In World War 2, about 45,400 people were killed.

they didn't it was the canadians and the Rusians

Canadians were incredibly successful and important to the success of WWII. They landed on D-Day and participated in several missions which won the war.

1,267,000 Canadians served in World War 2 and 37,000 died in that war. (Approx 43,000 died according to both Canadian Encyclopedia and Canadian Veterans Affairs)

they went on with their lives because it would be a war crime to kill them

During World War 2, it is said that 1.1 Million Canadians were deployed during World War 2.

More than one million Canadians and Newfoundlanders ( Newfoundland was a separate British entry) served in the Second World War, out of a population of 11.5 million.

the Americans brought the Sherman into world war 2. they also gave the Sherman to the British and Canadians.

Why would Canadians enlist in the American military instead of their own...

Yes. The draft is now illegal in Canada

all of the canadians land was destroyed and bombed

there was around 1.1 million Canadians involved in WW2, and there where a couple thousznd in the RAF program as well.

The Nazi Germans defeated the Canadians/Brits and captured many Canadians. See the links below for more details.

there were only 5 000000 canadians came home after the war out of 3.5 million

UK got attacked by Russians and the Canadians were a part of the UK

Johnny Bower - of course he is more famous for hockey, but he did serve.

The US Navy and Australia and some Canadians, and, er, Japan.

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