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Why would Canadians enlist in the American military instead of their own...

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No he was an american, but he fought for the Canadians during the second world war

German Canadians were treated very badly.

2 million enlisted to fight for the war in 1914.

Canadians were helpful during world war 2 like D-Day, they operated like typical British units though

Many Japanese Americans and Japanese Canadians were interned for the duration [of WW2 because it was thought they had the potential to be saboteurs or spies.

Yes, Canadians were drafted into the Military during World War 2, most of these people were Blacks and other kinds of Mix-raced people.

The hometown of an enlisted volunteer in WWII entered into their records could be any state in the country. Young men from every state enlisted, fought, and died during World War II.

Not sure but I know that alot of people enlisted in the Marine Corps after Pearl Harbor because alot of people were pissed off.

Yes. The draft is now illegal in Canada

It was played by the men who werent drafted or enlisted in the armed services

During World War 2, it is said that 1.1 Million Canadians were deployed during World War 2.

The Netherlands have a special place in their heart for Canada because Canadians helped save the netherlands during World War II

Please rewrite this question. As it stands, it's a bit difficult to understand. German soldiers didn't use Canadians for anything during the war. They were enemy combatants.

Roughly 2.4 million enlisted is what i read in a book.

You will need to specify which war. Canadians served in Italy in both World Wars.

You have enlisted my help in creating a sentence using the word enlisted. When the US entered World War II, many young men enlisted in the armed forces.

Australians fought in France alongside the Canadians and British during World Wars I and II.

During WW1, the British, Canadians and even the Americans wore a stripe on the sleeve of their uniform to indicate wounds received in combat. This tradition was continued during World War 2 for the British and Canadians. See this brief history and details on the regulations. The Purple Heart is an American award originally designed by George Washington.

Canadians eat food from all over the world.