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Capacity of swimming pool?

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All pools are different. Please check with your local pool.

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How do you use the word capacity in a sentence?

The capacity of the swimming pool is fifty people.

What is a capacity of swimming pool?

This question is unanswerable. You must provide the dimensions. You base the answer on the dimensions.

What is the pitch in swimming?

a swimming pool a swimming pool

What is swimming pool in English?

'Swimming Pool', sometimes shortened to 'Pool'.

Can you get herpes from a swimming pool?

You can't get herpes from a swimming pool.

Why are swimming pool coopers used?

What are swimming pool "Coopers"

What days and hours swimming pool is open?

what swimming pool? where is it?

Can you get HIV from a swimming pool?

No, you can't get HIV from a swimming pool.

How much chiorine do you put in my swimming pool?

You need to test the water to determine & amount dependent upon capacity.

How much water is in a swimming pool?

I depends on what type of pool your are swimming at. Like if one pool you are swimming at is 12 feet and a different pool is 5 feet the is going to be more water is the 12 foot swimming pool.It depends on the size of the pool.

Does kids corner have a swimming pool in loughton?

No KidsCorner does not have a swimming pool.

Is Swimming Pool a proper noun?

No, swimming pool is a common noun.

What is free chlorine in a swimming pool?

chlorine in a swimming pool that is free.

Meters are in a swimming pool length?

in an olympic swimming pool its 50m

What is a wading pool?

A swimming pool,swimming bath,wading pool, or simply apool, is an artificially enclosed body ofwaterintended forswimmingor water-basedrecreation.

How many gallons of water are in a 24x4 foot swimming pool?

You have to take the length of the pool in feet multiplied by the width of the pool in feet multiplied by the depth of the pool in feet and multiply by 7.5 to find the approx gallon capacity

Was there a swimming pool on the Titanic?

Yes there was a heated swimming pool aboard the Titanic. It was the first heated swimming pool to be aboard a luxury liner.

What are the purposes of swimming pool heat pumps?

The purpose of a swimming pool heat pump is to rise the temperature of the water. The pool then can be used for swimming even on days when the weather is not perfect. The swimming pool season is extended.

How do you fiberglass an existing swimming pool?

What type of existing swimming pool? You can patch an existing fiberglass pool.

How do you install swimming pool lights?

Installing swimming pool lights is very difficult. It requires you to drain the water from the pool, and then to drill a place to mount the swimming pool lights.

How many gallons of water are in a 15' by 24' x 48 swimming pool?

If its an oval pool approx 7800 gallons at full capacity. If its rectangular pool then approx 9000 Gallons.

Is there a swimming pool in consert?

no not really i dont think there is a swimming pool consert.

What is the distance of a swimming pool?

distance???? Do you mean how far can a swimming pool travel???

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