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Q: Car broken into lap top stolen will renters insurance pay?
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Does home owners insurance cover if your friends car was broken into?

If YOUR belongings were in the friend's car and they were stolen, they are covered on YOUR homeowners or renters policy. If your friend's belongings were stolen from a car, HIS or HER homeowners/renters policy would pay.

Does renters insurance cover your car?

No, it does not.

Does car insurance cover items stolen from a car?

That depends on the policy that you have with your insurance company. When I had my truck broken into, my policy covered the iPod and stereo that were stolen, plus my rental while my truck was in the shop.

Where can I check the cost of insurance?

Renters insurance is a lot different than car insurance. You can find renters insurance from the State Farm Insurance website. Auto insurance is available on Progressive.

Do you have to continue paying your insurance if your car is stolen?

No, as long as you have let your insurance company know they car is stolen.

Will renters insurance pay for personal belongings stolen from car when not on the property?

Yes. It depends on the items and if you have proof of their value. Yes. It depends on the items and if you have proof of their value.

What do you do if your car is stolen?

ANSWER : If your car isn't found, Your insurance company will pay you "fair market value" for it. The contents won't be covered under your auto insurance policy but may be under homeowners or renters insurance. As for the traffic ticket, Call the court and explain what happened.ANSWERED BY, ANSWERS.COM

Does asda car insurance also offer renters insurance?

ASDA car insurance may offer renter's insurance, but it all depends on your plan of insurance that you have with ASDA.

Does car insurance cover property stolen from in your car?


Does renter insurance cover theft if your car has been broken into?

It depends on the level of coverages you chose when you shopped your renters insurance rate. If you chose the cheapest rate available then you may have no coverage at all available through your renters policy. If you elected coverage for off premise property, then certain household contents that may have been stolen from your vehicle can be covered. But the auto itself no, That would be covered by the comprehensive portion of your auto insurance policy

Will renters insurance pay if a car is hit on property?

No, Renters insurance is coverage specific to household property or contents owned by the named insured. It does not cover the property of others and it does not cover automobiles. Neither Renters insurance nor Homeowners insurance will cover damage to an automobile. That's what auto Insurance is for.

what is a good company to get renters insurance through?

Many of the major insurers that offer home owners or car insurance also provide renters insurance. State Farm, Allstate, and others all provide renters insurance, and some websites can help you compare the costs and coverages.

Will Car insurance cover theft of camera?

It depends on your insurance. It may also be covered by renters or home owner insurance.

Have thiefth insurance car stolen insurance paid you for car who Owens the car?

i'd say the insurance company owns it

If a car on finance is stolen and insurance pays out but then the car is recoverd what happens to the car?

It belongs to the insurance company

What are examples of what each type of insurance pays for A Health Insurance B Car Insurance C Life Insurance D Home Insurance E Renters Insurance F Travel Insurance G Phone Insurance?

A. Auto insuranceRepair on a car involved in an accidentB. Renter's insuranceReplacement of a computer stolen from an apartmentC. Life insuranceFuneral ExpensesD. Health insuranceA trip to the emergency room

Does renters insurance cover car contents if stolen?

In general no, vandalism of an automobile is covered by the vehicles auto insurance policy. However you may have coverage for certain household belongings while outside the premises so check your policy or contact you agent if some of the stolen items were household items.

If your car is up for repo but is stolen before you return your car what happens?

When your car is 'stolen", you file a stolen car report with the cops. Then your INSURANCE will pay off the loan. The lender will deal with the insurance co. and alls well. You dont have a car, but no payments either. BTW, the insurance co. HAS to be sure its stolen or they wont pay the loan off.

Is the owners insurance liable in a Hit and run stolen car?

victim compensated in hit/run stolen car

Can you get insurance after your car is stolen and it be covered?

If you try to get theft insurance after the car is stolen you will go to Jail! The insurance companies have no sense of humour about FRAUD! Penalty for Insurance Fraud in the U.S. is up to 20 years in prison.

Does homeowners insurance cover a car that was broken into?

Typically, no. However, your car insurance may.

Is American Family Insurance for families only?

No, American Family Insurance insures individuals. They offer auto, renters, health, car, and business insurance.

Are you insured if your mot has run out and your car is stolen?

if you don't have an up to date MOT then your insurance is null and void. if your car is stolen then you are only covered if you have fully comp insurance!

If a car is stolen but there is no damage do i have to take it back?

If you have not settled with the insurance company you will have to take it back. If the insurance has paid out it is their car.

If a car is stolen and has an accident are the vehicles hit covered by insurance?