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Time for a serious tune up.


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If the shaking is specific to acceleration and the shaking is very rythmic (not random) it is most likely a fault in the ignition system. Usually a tune up or ignition coil replacement will solve this problem.

Might be a valve hanging up

cloged fuel filter, bad fuel pump.

The best place to view videos with insane car jumps is YouTube. A YouTube search for insane car jumps returns hundreds of results one could enjoy watching.

If your car shakes while underway, your tires have worn incorrectly from misalignment. If it shakes while in park or not moving, your engine is misfiring.

If a car shakes during acceleration the brake rotors may be damaged. If the rotors are damaged they will be unstable as the tires rotates making the whole car shake.

it might be b/c you are either switching the clutch too early or too late. it might need a curtain part, this happened to my fathers Honda dx

If a car shakes and loses power when idling it can be the spark plug. If a spark plug is fouling, it can cause power losses.

If it literally "jumps", it's a bad motormount.

Car shakes when I put the brake check

try changing the spark plugs and spark plug wires you probably have a bad throttle position sensor. Answer Check for Vacuum leaks as well if TPS doesnt fix it.

When the engine light comes on and the car shakes at the same time, it could be the spark plugs or ignition coils are faulty. Misfiring is causing the car to shake.

take it to a garage there may be something wrong with the fuel delivery system.

NO! Depends on your definition of safe?

Drive shaft is going out

Disk brake rotor is warped

Your car is not getting enough fuel if it hesitates to take off and shakes. The fuel filter might be plugged or you might have the wrong gas in your tank.

if you car shakes when its fully stopped it may be the harmonic balancer, take it to a garage. is it shakes only when you are braking while stopping than have you brakes checked

If a car cuts in front of you, you should immediately stop and scold the driver for flaunting the traffic rules.

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