Car dealer forgot down payment

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The car dealer is not required to collect a down payment. The finance company is the one who usually asks for it. If they desire a down payment, they will contact you to get it.

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Q: Car dealer forgot down payment
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How long will a dealer hold a car with a down payment?

How long a dealer will hold a car with a down payment depends on the dealer. It is a good idea to get a time frame in writing. Some dealers will sell a car within a couple of days if you do not complete the transaction.

Can a dealer reposses a car for not paying deferred down payment that is not in the contract?

This is not your car. The down payment enables you to have the privilege of a contract. So, pay up.

If you fail to complete the deposit for your down payment but are already financed and making car note payments can the car dealer repo your car for the remaining down payment?


Can you use a boat for a down payment on new car?

Sure if the dealer will accept it.

You signed a contract for a used car the car dealer still has the car you have not given your down payment can you get out?


Can a dealer refuse an 1800 down payment if no contract was signed?

A dealer can do whatever they want, they are not legally obliagted to sell you any car.

Can a used car dealer repossess a car that is not in delinquent of payment but had late payment history?


You cannot make the rest of the down payment and the dealer wants the car back do they have to give us back your trade?

In Chicago, IL if your car is repossed by the dealer do you still have to pay back the money for the car?

You cannot afford your truck payment can you sell it 2 dealer and get cheaper car?

i cannot afford my truck payment can i sell it 2 dealer and get cheaper car

What can you do if you made a down payment on a car but after a week the dealer told you there was a lien on the car and could he be getting a better deal and what are your options?

I believe you can get your down-payment back if you do not have the car. But, if the dealer is doing that to sell the car after you have made a downpayment (depending on what the contract/receipt states) then you mave have legal options against the dealer. Some lawyers have free consults. I would contact a lawyer for free consultation before getting my down-payment back because the dealer may have breached a prior agreement/contract, whether verbally or written. State laws may differ.

If the car has problems that the dealer cannot or will not resolve can you just release it back to the dealer if they haven't received a payment?

Yes i will release the car back to the dealer even if i did made a first payment. Sandile

What does part exchange mean in car dealer ship?

It means that the dealer might accept your car as a part of payment but of course the dealer and you have to agree on a price for your car.

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