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In Chicago, IL if your car is repossed by the dealer do you still have to pay back the money for the car?


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quantity discount and trade discount are the same thing. it is used when the dealer wants to sell in bulk. while cash discount is given when he wants prompt payment.

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I suppose you could, but if the dealer is honest (and wants to stay out of trouble with the law), you'll get clobbered for the cost of installing a new one before it can be re-sold (about $600 off the trade-in value of the car). I won't speculate on selling it to a private individual.

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If you purchased and financed that car through the dealer, and you miss a payment ... YUP ... they can impound (repossess) the car until one brings the loan payments current. You see, when one misses a payment, the perception of the loan company is that the person no longer wants the car - or just wants something for free ... not going to happen in this day and age. The dealer, after a reasonable amount of time waiting for you to pay up, could sell the car again ... and you would then forfeit all monies you paid towards purchase. Bottom line: pay those car loans on time, every time ... if you have to go out and get a 2nd , 3rd or 4th job - do whatever it takes to keep up with the payments.

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