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Car will not start light work fine battery ok?


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2008-03-05 21:14:29
2008-03-05 21:14:29

Out of gas? Fuel filter plugged?? Bad coil??? Electronic ignition problems???? Fuel pump bad????? And this list could go on and on and on..........


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Do your headlights work ? or your interior light ? If not , it could be a battery cable connection or a dead cell in your battery

Any battery of the correct CCA will work just fine.

Start by making sure that all of your electic things work, if not try fuses, but if everything else works fine remove your starter and have it tested for free. if it tests out to be fine then look into your wiring.

The battery chemically stores electricity so when you 'switch on' the light then electricity flows from the battery to the bulb. The bulb the heats up to glow white and the reflector shines the light out of the battery powered light

Do any of your lights work ? If not , it sounds like a bad battery cable connection or a dead battery The light all works the battery cable and connection or ok, it is a auto matt,

unhook the battery for a few minutes,then reconnect. should work.

1. Make sure your battery posts and connectors are clean. Free of acid & oxidation. If that doesn't work then.....- 2. Check for a draw on the battery ( something staying on like a trunk light). A good test is to buy a test light. Then disconnect your negative on the battery and put the test light in series. If the light comes on go to the fuse box and start pulling fuses until the light goes out. Then you know where the problem is. Johnny

Check your battery first.. If it is fine, you might need to replace your cold start injector timing switch. Fairly expensive, but should work.

The battery charges the circuit and can light a little light.circuts work by the flow of electons

There could be many reasons why a car has an issue starting in the morning but not the afternoon. The most common start is that the battery has an issue with cold start, and would need to be replaced with a battery that does have a cold start option.

Your battery connections and fuses may be fine but is your battery dead ? I drove to work one day and when I came out of work I had no power to anything. I used my key to unlock the door, opened the hood and even the little light under my hood would not light up. I got a boost, drove the Explorer to the dealer, left it running but locked, and when they tested the battery it had a dead cell, so they replaced the battery.

you hook up a battery to a light and then it magically turns on

If it will physically fit in the space, then yes, the 2700 mAh battery should work fine.

Any 12 volt battery charger will work just fine.

Batteries are inserted negative to positive and the battery contains electricity which produces heat and light therefore making the battery makes the torch work

Any name brand battery will work just fine. Walmart sells a quality battery at a reasonable price.

You can pull out the metal key that won't work in the trunk and then jump start the car from the battery.

When you say boat battery if you are referring to a Deep Cycle battery as used to power a trolling motor then no, it is not suitable for use in a car. However, if you are referring to a battery in a boat used to start the engine and it is not a Deep Cycle battery it will work just fine in a car as long as it fits the battery holder, can be strapped down, and the battery posts are orientated correctly.

The cause I think in this instANCE is the battery recovery rate after the engine has started or has been running i.e 'x' amount of volts has to be received by the ECM to start the engine. Nothing wrong with the car (by the sounds of it, not burbling during start up). My thought is to get a new HD battery.

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