Change brak disc in Nissan Maxima 96?

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how to change rear brake pads to Nissan Maxima 96

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Q: Change brak disc in Nissan Maxima 96?
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Does a 1992 Nissan Maxima have 4 wheel disc brakes?

some do 4 wheel disc brakes came on the se model

1992-1994 maxima rear disc brakes work on a Nissan sentra 1991-1994?

no because the maxima is a 5 lug and the sentra is 4 lug

Where is navigation DVD located in Nissan Maxima 2007 to change disc Where is the DVD player physically located to eject old and insert new DVD with maps?

The navigation DVD should be in your owners pack you received when you bought the car

When do you need to replace car brakes on Nissan maxima?

toolsfront or rear?drum or disc?need more infoif front disc then you will need caliper piston compressor or big C clampneed socket for caliper bolts removal

You got a 95 Nissan Maxima and the rear brakes on the driverside are not working What could be the problem?

If there are disc brake, it could be frozen caliper slides or a frozen caliper piston. If they are drum brakes, it could be a frozen wheel cylinder.

How do you remove front disc from Nissan s cargo?

Suck on it

How do you change ps2 disc to PS1 disc?

You can not change a disc to play on a different console. Discs are not even able to be rewritten

How do you install rear pads on 1997 Nissan Maxima?

If it's disc, they just clip onto calipers then you open them back up and slip caliper over rotor, put bolts back in while trying to protect brake line during the process.

How are the rear disc brake pads on a 1994 Nissan Maxima changed?

the rear brakes have a 4 slotted piston that needs to be turned clockwise to retact piston back into caliper there is a special tool available at local autoparts store or you can try needle nose pliers.

How do you change rear disc patch on KC Laser?

What is a rear disc patch?

Change the front disc brakes on a Kia Rio?

To change the front disc brakes on a Kia Rio, simply remove the assembly held by two bolts. Push the piston back and replace the disc brakes with new.

Would rear disc brakes from a 1982 280ZX bolt onto a 1974 260Z that has rear drum brakes?

Yes BUT you need a set of maxima caliper brackets..

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