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You have more stuff in the system than just a pump. You have a steering rack that has valves in it that could be sticking. You may have a variable assist valve if you are equipped with variable assist steering. You have lines and linkages that could a have a problem. If you installed the pump, but did not make sure the pressure valve was not in place on the high pressure line, you may have a problem there.

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Q: Changed power steering pump so why wont the the windstar1999 steer properly?
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Had a power steering leak in 2003 liberty changed the pump and power steering line drove it 400 miles then the steering began to tighten upany solutions?

did you bleed the system properly when changing pump.have you got correct level of fluid in pump. is it the correct pump for that vehicle

Does the power steering air locks?

The power steering pump on an automobile will not air lock. If the power steering is not working properly, it could be that the pump itself is in need of repair. Replacing the power steering belt might also fix this problem. Also check to make sure the pump has enough fluid to operate properly.

Power Steering Oil?

form_title= Power Steering Oil form_header= Steer with ease when you refile your power steering. When was the last time you checked the steering oil?*= _ [50] What was the last time the steering oil was changed? *= _ [50] Do you have any problems with your power steering?*= () Yes () No What steering oil do you normally use?*= _ [50]

What will happen if you put water in your power steering pump?

1. Your power steering won't work properly, because it requires hydraulic fluid. 2. You may cause corrosion in your power steering system.

Steering wheel stiffens when turning sometimes 2004 Chevy trailblazer?

check the level of your power steering fluid. Also have a mechanic check to see if your power steering pump is working properly.

Can you convert manual steering to power steering on a 1969 camaro?

You can convert manual to power steering on a 1969 Camaro. the steering box will need to be changed, and a pump and brackets as well as fluid lines will need to be added.

I added power steering fluid to my transmission. Will it mess it up?

Yes, power steering fluid is very harmful to an automatic transmission. You should not drive it until the fluid is changed.Yes, power steering fluid is very harmful to an automatic transmission. You should not drive it until the fluid is changed.

How do you know if your power steering pump is going out?

your syeering will become vry heavy an almost hard to steer properly..check also your power steering fluid level..

Power steering noisy and hard to turn new pump just installed?

Was system purged totally and properly? Steering rack worn? Was system purged totally and properly? Steering rack worn?

How would I know if my power steering fluid needs to be changed?

Typically if your power steering fluid is low your car will make noise when you turn the wheel. If this is that case, I suggest taking your vehicle to an auto shop and have them do a power steering fluid check.

Why does power steering fluid comes back up the resevoir and bubbles up?

It means that you have air in the steering rack. You need to bleed it properly.

How do you know when your power steering pump is going out?

First , it is hard to rotate steering handle. Second, you can hear some noise around power steering pump because pump is not properly rotate so belt is slipped. Third, there will be some leakage of power steering fluid. I had these symptom when I had power steering problem.

Where can you get your power steering fluid changed?

Try SpeeDee oil change Jiffy lube

Does power steering fluid need to be changed?

yes it does, as every other fluid does to. it does lose it's optimum lubrication and cleaning agents which can cause power steering pump and rack premature failure. it should be changed as regularly as every 30-40,000km

Will repairing a 1997 buick riviera's power steering leak assuredly fix the power steering?

No, but impossible to check anything else if it is leaking. And if the rack and pinon is leaking, then it will have to be changed anyway.

If the power steering works when accelerating and does not work when the speed is slow what are the possible problems?

1 steering punp drivebelt faulty or not adjusted properly. 2 fluid level low. 3 hoses or lines restricted. 4 air in power steering system.

Why does the power steering fluid in the 2004 Highlander need to be changed?

Basically its like changing the oil in the motor. Just to extend the life of the steering system

Can you put your Chevy silverados power steering on a cj-5 jeep?

The steering can be swapped. The steering arm may have to be changed, you will have to add brackets and pulleys for the pump and you may have to modify a bracket for the steering box. It is not a simple swap out.

How install a power steering pump for a 1989 corvette?

Secure the power steering pump with the retaining bolts. Attach the power steering hose to the power steering pump. Put the belt on to the power steering pump. Fill the power steering system with fluid.

Does a Chevy Metro 2000 have power steering and if so where is it?

some metros dont have power steering .if you dont see a p.s pump being driven by a belt in front of engine you have no power steering If your tires are properly inflated, you can usually tell without opening the hood if the car has power steering or not by how much muscle you have to put into a turn on the steering wheel, unless you're like my dad. He owned a 1972 Datsun truck, and he claimed that it had power steering. His term for power steering is "It takes all the power you got just to steer it." My dad's 2001 Chevy Metro has no power steering, and is bare bones package. Just be careful that if your car does not have power steering, to remember that there are cars that do, and keep that in mind while you are going around a curve with that other car...

Does the power steering fluid need to be changed when replacing the steering shaft on a 2002 Tahoe?

no, the intermediate steering shaft is completely independent of the power steering fluid operation. Make sure that when you remove the shaft, you DO NOT move the steering wheel. The clockspring inside the wheel is very easily damaged. no, I don't see why.

When you had power steering hose changed on your Cadillac DTS now you get a hissing noise when you move the steering wheel just a little?

Air in power steering pump. Drive car for a while & see if air purges it's self from pump

What if you still add power steering fluid to a leaking power steering?

What will happen if u I added power steering fluid to a leaking power steering pump

How do you fix the power steering on a 1995 Lexus sc 400 the power steering is leaking from the vac valve on the pump but it has no power doesn't make any noise.?

It has to be changed because the oil will get into your alternater and it will be toast in a short period of time

What will happen if you put brake fluid in the power steering on a 2000 Nissan Frontier?

well they call it brake fluid for a reason and it works for your brakes.. so get power steering fluid and fill the power steering up with power steering fluid and everything will work properly.. putting brake fluid in the power steering might work for a little while but eventually it would just break the power steering and you looking at some expensive cost and time so just do it the proper way the first time. you will come out with more money and time... you can do it but i dont recommend it

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