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Chapter 7 is granted what happens?

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Once the Chapter 7 BK has been finalized, your creditors must leave you alone. They cannot contact you for payment of that debt. The only reason a creditor may contact you is if they are not named on the creditors list. Then, depending on how long it's been since the Ch. 7 BK was finalized, they might be able to be added to the list. If not, then you will be fully responsible for that debt. Good luck, and cut up those credit cards!

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Actually, It never was 7 years. Chapter 13 is 7 years, and Chapter 7 is 10 years (sometimes longer). That regulation is at least 50 years old. Keep in mind however you may only be granted a Chapter 7 Discharge ONCE EVERY 8 YEARS FROM PREVIOUS BANKRUPTCY DISCHARGE DATE (law changed in 10/2005).

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