Checked bulbs and fuses. Replaced switch. Brake lights on your Daewoo Leganza still don't work. What else could cause this?

About the only other things that could cause this are: 1: The switch is not adjusted properly. Check to ensure that the brake pedal is actually activating the switch and make any adjustments necessary. 2: The fuse looks good but isn't. Try a new fuse or test the old fuse to be sure. Not all bad fuses are visibly apparent. 3: If the vehicle has a brake light relay, find its location and test or replace it. Your Daewoo dealer should be able to tell you if it does and where to find it. 4: There is a broken or shorted wire, either between the switch and the lights, or between the switch and it's power source (probably not a short, if the fuse wasn't blown). This can be tested with an Electrical Continuity Tester (simple ones are cheap at most any auto parts or hardware store)(or you can improvise your own with a charged diposable battery {9 Volt is best}, some wire and a light bulb). To narrow your search, disconnect the car battery, unplug the switch and connect the two wires to a diposable battery (or continuity tester). If the brake lights work, (or the tester shows good) the problem is with either the switch or the wiring between the switch and its power source. Keep checking the brake sytem wiring until you've isolated the problem and repair or replace the bad wire.