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C is not an object oriented programming language. As such there are no class data types in C.

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Q: Class data types in c
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Data types in c?

C is not an object oriented programming language. As such there are no class data types in C.

What are the components of visual c plus plus?

The simple answer is C, classes and objects. The components of C are data types and functions. A class combines data with the functions that operate upon that data, while an object is an instance of a class.

Describe the four basic data types in c?

Describe the basic data types in C Describe the basic data types in C

Data types in c plus plus?

Yes, C++ has data types.

What is the Pascal programming language data structure?

In Pascal, data structures are implemented with recorddata types. A record is synonymous with the structdata type in C, or the class data type in C++.

What is the difference between class data type and basic type in c plus plus .How can someone know which one is class type and which one is basic type.?

Basic types (primitive data types) have no methods associated with them.

How important is data structures to c plus plus?

The C++ struct and class keywords are exactly the same; they are both used to declare classes. The only practical difference is that struct data types default to public access and public visibility mode while class data types default to private access and private visibility mode. This allows C++ to interact with C struct data types just as if they were C++ classes declared with a compiler-generated default constructor, copy constructor and assignment operator.

What are Class Constructor and Primitive data types?

class constructor is a function which has the same name as the class name and has no return type. primitive data types are the fundamental data types which are independent. eg:int,char,float etc..............

What is the range of data types in C programming language?

The ranges for all data types in C are implementation-defined.

Difference between c plus plus class and c structures?

A C struct can contain only data; a C++ class can contain both data and functions.

Abstract data types in c plus plus?

An abstract data type is any class or struct that contains at least one pure virtual function.

What are abstract data types?

what is data type in c language?

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