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When a person suffers a head injury it is possible for cerebrospinal fluid to leak out. After a head injury if the victim has clear fluid coming from the nose or ears it should be checked to determine if it is cerebrospinal fluid.


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Clear fluid coming from the ears or nose is called otorrhea (fluid from the ear) or rhinorrhea (fluid form the nose). The concern with these findings is that the fluid is cerebrospinal fluid resulting from a passageway from the dural space into the external environment, especially in the setting of trauma or prior neurosurgical intervention. To detect cerebrospinal fluid (the clear fluid we're concerned about) mixed with blood coming from the ears or nose, get a sample of the fluid on a gauze pad. A positive test for CSF is a clear fluid surrounding the blood, a "halo."

Mucus (Snot) or CSF (Cerebral Spinal Fluid). In the event of a head trauma with this sign presenting be sure not to insert anything in the nose (NPA - Nasal pharyngeal airway)

In the presence of head trauma they it could be cerebral spinal fluid which would be evidence of a serious injury.

Fluid that comes from your nose is a mucus most commonly referred to as snot. A running nose can be an indicator of a cold or allergies.

There are probably a few clear fluids that CAN leak from the nose, but this liquid is almost certainly mucus.

Clear fluid coming from your dogâ??s noise may be a symptom of kennel cough or the flu. Discharge of thick pus or mucus is a sign of a more serious infection or possible tumor growth. Any consistent discharge from the nose should be check out by a vet.

Rhinorrhea is the general term for fluid coming out of the nose quickly, though there are some specialized terms if you want to talk about a particular fluid.

The clear liquid could be indicative of a basilar skull fracture.

If he's conscious, able to move all his limbs, has no major bleeding and no signs of clear fluid coming from his nose then he's fine. If he has any of the above symptoms, get him to hospital.

The whooping cough is spread when you come into contact with droplets of fluid coming from the infected person's nose or throat. If these droplets are inhaled or getting them on your hands and then touching your nose or mouth.

Head (Unless you're a Fighter pilot... Then of course you'll miss this question, because the words "Cranium", "Skull" and "Noggin" are not available options)

it is boogers coming from a horses nose

Drowning victims usually do not bleed from the nose or mouth. However, severe head trauma or chest trauma could cause this effect.

Allow to rest and if cerebrospinal fluid (CFS) is oozing out of the nose and/or ears (clear fluid) place them in the recovery position and put a pad on the casualties ear to collect the drainage of CFS

Yes, you should seek medical help as this fluid could be cerebrospinal fluid from tears in your meninges.

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