Cold drinks by pepsico

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Q: Cold drinks by pepsico
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How are PepsiCo's divisions divided?

By regions or different drinks? If by drinks each drink has 7 regions.

How do you protect from cold and flu?

from not going in out in cold weather and not drinking cold drinks from not going in out in cold weather and not drinking cold drinks

What kind of drinks can the Starbucks cold cups hold?

Cold Drinks

Is cold drinks are harmful for health?

generally the cold drinks are not harmful for health but the daily use of cold drinks can be harmful for health like sugar and other hart problems can be occur by the daily use of cold drinks

Is it better to drink warm drinks when it's warm outside or cold drinks when it's warm outside and for cold weather?

It is better to drink warm drinks in cold weather and cold drinks when it is warm outside. When you drink a warm drink during cold weather, it helps to keep you warm.

How do you prepare an advertisement?

1. cold drinks benificial or harmful. 2. composition of cold drinks 3. role of the cold drinks in our body

Why do we get cold when we cold drinks?

That is not because of the drinks. You get a cold from a virus. Maybe you hang out with a lot of people and going out when drinking and that is how viruses spread.

How do you keep things hot and cold?

Put them in an insulated container. For example a vacuum flask keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

How many drinks per week?

we can drink 4 cold drinks in a week

What gas is used in cold drinks?

Carbon-di-oxide is used in cold drinks and fizzy drinks to give it a bubbly nature. It also gives an artificial feeling of bloated or filled stomach after consuming these drinks.

Do you like cold drinks?


Do cold drinks have vitamin?

define a cold drink.

How do you keep cold drinks cold?

by putting it in the fridge

Can you drink cold drinks when you have chickenpox?

Yes, you can drink cold drinks when you have chickenpox. There are no dietary restrictions with chickenpox; you can eat or drink what you like.

Why cold drinks are preffered in summer?

Because it can be hot or too warm. It would be around 80-95 degrees to get cold drinks.

How may employees does PepsiCo have?

According to Hoover's profile of PepsiCo on, PepsiCo has 168,000 employees.

What is a freezer tumbler?

It keeps ice and cold drinks cold :)

What is A container to keep drinks cold?

A flask. It also keeps drinks hot.

Does diet Mountain Dew contain aspartame?

Almost all diet drinks now contain aspertame - take a look at No added sugar Robinson's diluting juice - that even contains it! Diet drinks from pepsico and cocacola all contain it

What is PepsiCo's population?

PepsiCo's population is 2,010.

What is the population of PepsiCo?

The population of PepsiCo is 294,000.

Who is the CEO of PepsiCo?

Indra Nooyi is the CEO of PepsiCo.

Where is pepsico located in Miami?

Where is pepsico located in miami?

What is Pepsico industry ranking?

pepsico is a type of cell

Who are the shareholders of pepsiCo?

PepsiCo. doesn't divulge the identity of every share holder. There are over 52 million shareholders of PepsiCo.