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Color preference by nation?


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brown and blonde


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I have a preference for the color yellow. Her preference toward the candidate was obvious.

This color used on Elizabeth Banks is Preference 9G, Light Golden Blonde.

Some artists prefer certain colors over others and may use them more often in their work. Another color preference is a persons favorite color.

Any color you want, depending on personal preference. The color doesn't matter.

the color preference of people has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

That would depend on your personal preference.

He doesn't have a preference.

All colors. It depends on your preference.

They have no preference to particular colors.

Some people say its yellow red or white but after doing 2 hours and 46 minutes of research i found the answer to the question your looking for- the bluebird preference of color is black

They can be any color. The color has no significance, other than style and personal preference.

The question what color would be best? a personal preference.

They can be any color, depending on personal preference.

I'm not sure. This is just a guess: i think it would because the hamster, or person as it may be, could have had some experience in the past (the older you are the more experiences) that leads to his or her preference of a certain color.

July is not a nation. July does not have a color.

That is your personal preference. Different breeds are different colours.

No, color is only the preference of the manufacturer.

this is my question for my science fair project!!!ok here it is 'Does gender affect color preference?' I need this by today. I am doing research and i need as much help as i can get thank you!!! thank you from a 6th grader i need help!!!

Blue, green, red, yellow, orange, whatever colour/color your prefer. It's a matter of personal preference.

Simple A: It doesn't Each bird has its own personal preference, like everybody has a favorite color.

It's a authorised color symbolizes workers to serve nation

Almighty Imperial Gangsters Nation. They wear the color pink.

The national gay color of the year 2012 is Purple.

Every man has his own personal preference.

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