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A relational database is structure to recognize relations among information, and stores the information in tables. An object-oriented database focuses on presenting the information in the form of objects, to be used for object-oriented programming. Object-relational databases are a hybrid of the two, keeping relations stored but still keeping the object-type data. Relational databases are best for presentation of the data itself, while object-oriented databases are better for deriving new information from given information.

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Give two reasons why data servers may be popular for object-oriented databases but not for relational databases?

Data servers are good if data transfer is small with respect to computation, which is often the case in applications of OODBs such as computer aided design. In contrast, in typical relational database applications such as transaction processing, a transaction performs little computation butmay touch several pages, which will result in a lot of data transfer with little benefit in a data server architecture. Another reason is that structures such as indices are heavily used in relational databases, and will become spots of contention in a data server architecture, requiring frequent data transfer. There are no such points of frequent contention in typical current-day OODB applications such as computer aided design.

What are the main differences between relational algebra and relational calculus?

Relation algebra is a procedural language where relation calculus is non-procedural languageRelational algebra, an offshoot of first-orderlogic (and of algebra of sets), deals with a set of finitaryrelations (see also relation (database)) which is closed under certain operators. These operators operate on one or more relations to yield a relation. Relational algebra is a part of computer science.Relational calculus consists of two calculi, the tuplerelational calculus and the domain relational calculus, that are part of the relational model for databases and provide a declarative way to specify database queries. This in contrast to the relational algebra which is also part of the relational model but provides a more procedural way for specifying queries.The relational algebra might suggest these steps to retrieve the phone numbers and names of book stores that supply Some Sample Book:1. Join books and titles over the BookstoreID.2. Restrict the result of that join to tuplesfor the book Some Sample Book.3. Project the result of that restriction over StoreNameand StorePhone.The relational calculus would formulate a descriptive, declarative way:Get StoreNameand StorePhonefor supplies such that there exists a title BK with the same BookstoreIDvalue and with a BookTitlevalue of Some Sample Book.The relational algebra and the relational calculus are essentially logically equivalent: for any algebraic expression, there is an equivalent expression in the calculus, and vice versa.This result is known as Codd'stheorem

What is a flat-table database?

A flat-table database is one that uses a single table to store all relevant data. By contrast, a relational database uses several tables to store relevant data, and then establishes 'relations' between them using unique identifiers ... such as primary keys and foreign keys. Flat-table databases are ok if the data is not too complex or repetitive. Relational databases are good when the data is complex and repetative. For example: Keeping track of a personal music CD collection - if one is lazy - can simply be done in a flat-table database table (or a spread sheet). It can also be done in a relational database by creating a few tables and relating them. One table can be artist (with a primary key), another table can be album (relates to a single artist primary key), and a third can be a record label table (which can relate to many artist primary keys). This is a very high-level view of the differences. I .

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data manipulation language, belongs to databases and sql. queries like insert/update/delete. in contrast, queries like create/alter/drop are called ddl (data definition language)

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