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momentum=velocity x mass

say a Golf ball weighs 1 pound and the Bowling ball weighs 5 pounds

the golf ball would have to be moving 5 times faster than the bowling ball to have the same momentum

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Q: Compare the speed of a moving golf ball with the speed of a moving bowling ball if both balls have the same amount of momentum?
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A piece of putty moving with 1 unit of momentum strikes to a heavy bowling ball that is initially at rest After the putty sticks to the ball both are set in motion with a combined momentum that is?

1 unit.

Does a bowling ball or a tennis ball have more inertia?

This can be a tricky question; before answering one like this ask for the frame of reference.If you are in a closet with a floating feather, and a ball on a shelf, and measure momentum relative to the closet, the feather will have more momentum than the bowling ball.However, if you look at the larger picture, you will find thatthe earth is rotatingthe earth is orbiting the sunthe sun is moving relative to other stars near usthe sun is orbiting our galaxyour galaxy is moving relative to other galaxies.Every one of these motions involves momentum, and the total momentum is shared out among everything on or in this planet in proportion to its mass. The bowling ball is enormously massive compared to the feather, and has vastly more momentum in the universal frame of reference.The answer is correct, but the last sentence is wrong. There is no universal frame of reference.

What quality of a bowling ball enables it to plow through a set of pins without slowing down?

The bowling ball does slow down. Momentum is conserved. It's just that it's a heavy ball so it has a lot of momentum, and the pins are light so overall the ball doesn't slow down enough for us to notice.

How do you apply the concept of momentum to compare the mass and velocity of a slow moving train and of a high-speed bullet?

The slow moving train has a much higher mass than the high-speed bullet, but the bullet has a faster velocity than the slow moving train so their momentum is the same.

Which determines the momentum a moving body?

The product of mass and velocity determines the momentum of a moving body.

How does the amount of energy obtained from nuclear sources in 1990 compare with the amount obtained from moving water?

it depends on the water

Is momentum lost equals to momentum gained?

If you return to the same state of motion before you began gaining momentum, then momentum lost will be equal to momentum gained. I mean really, if you start out not moving with a momentum of 0 and end not moving with a momentum of 0, then of course there the bloody same. If you start at 0 and never stop moving, then obviously your not losing momentum so the statement is false.

Is there momentum when an object is not moving?


Which has more momentum a moving car or a moving truck?

moving truck

What depend on objects mass and velocity?

a moving objects momentum

An example of momentum?

Momentum is motion. When a car is moving it is exhibiting momentum. A young professional getting promotions is experiencing momentum.

How is physics related to bowlinghow is physics related to bowling?

Physics is related to the moving of masses. Bowling is the moving of MASS ( ball) in the moving of masses (Pins).