Compass on '97 Sebring JXi always displays West. How to fix?

The pointer could be stuck! or >>If it is a closed oily ball, give a few quick taps,,,or if possible ,pull it out an shake it maybe the pointer will get free!!!

I have a Cirrus LX 97 with no compass... I am just guessing, but I know some speakers magnets near the compass make the compasses crazy!...

Do you have a speaker or device (including a magnet) possibly at the left side near the compass ??? Maybe a device with a speaker or headphones?If yes, you ll need to put the device in another place.

Hope it helps!


Get out your service book... and lookup Compass...

Make sure you're vehicle is set for the right 'region'... there are 14 regions I think, listed in the book. Set your region and then be prepared to get a little dizzy...

Drive to an open, level field unobstructed by other vehicles - telephone poles - parked cars/trucks/boats, etc...

Stop the car.Turn the wheel (I find left works faster than right) fully in one direction.Drive in circles (no, I'm NOT kidding) at a speed between 7 and 12 mph.Don't go under or over - hence the reason it's important to be on a level field.

Watch the compass and once 'CAL' goes out, you're compass is calabrated.

Do this whenever the 'CAL' light is displayed.

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All compasses uses the method of a magnet. I found out that if you wave a magnet across the screen, it will loosen the magnet inside and go back to normal. You'll need a round or square magnet not a refrigerator magnet.