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Computer or programme for downloading data from a server?

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What does downloading mean?

To transfer (data or programs) from a server or host computer to one's own computer or device

What is the process called when you are getting data into the computer?


A computer that transmits data to another computer?

A server or a node

What is transferring data from a remote computer to one's own computer is called .?


What is a computer that requests data from a server?


Client and server?

client is a personal computer or individual computer while server is a computer that contains information and data to be shared..client gets information from server

What is the difference between client to server and peer to peer?

With client to server, many people are downloading data from one central location - a one to many relationship. With peer to peer, many people are downloading data from many locations - a many to many relationship.

What is a personal computer that request data from a server?


What is polling method in computer networks?

Polling, on computer networks, involves a server and client. The Server will check if the client is ready to receive data. If not ,then data will not be transferred to the client.

Which Server allows LAN users to share computer programs and data?

file server

What is meant by download data?

To transfer (data or programs) from a server or host computer to one's own computer or device.

In a client server environment what is a server?

Any computer or application serving up data when requested.

How can you differentiate a client computer and a server computer?

Server Computer is the head of all the network computers that called as a client computer. Server computer main duty is the main storage of all the data of the client computers. Also, Server computer has the Main system that the client computers will be using.

Explain the difference between the computer technology terms uploading and downloading?

When we receive data from a remote or central system, such as a web server, it is called a download. Sending of data from a computer to a website is called upload. "During a download we receive files and during an upload we send files." That is the difference.

A personal computer that requests data from a server is called a?


What is a computer that stores data for all PC workstations?

The server.

Transferring music from your computer to your iphone does it count as downloading?

No. Downloading is when you receive data from the internet. If you have downloaded a song you can transfer it between any device you have without worrying about downloading over and over . To be clear you only download when receiving data through the internet. Taking a CD and transferring it to your computer then your I Phone is also not downloading.

The transmission of data from a remote computer to a local computer is referred to as?


Does downloading a movie use more data than streaming them?

It's more or less exactly the same thing. Downloading it makes it into a file on your computer, streaming it has it arrive in a less tangible form, data in a buffer. But either way, if the movie is 80MB on the server side, you're still downloading 80MB of data whether you take a copy of the file, or stream it to a buffer. (Some buffering options offer lower quality versions which will involve a lower data transger).

What are computer network and what role does a server play in a computer network?

A server acts as the central point for all programs and data over a network.

What is a network server in computer science?

A network server in computer science is a way of connecting a group of computers through a central server. It allows data to be shared between them and everything is saved onto the server.

What does a client server network provide and how does it work?

The Client is the computer or device requesting data from the Server, which is a computer hosting the data. It works through a network protocol, more than likely TCP/IP.

What is Computer network Polling?

Computer network Polling is where a client server or Network Hub polls each computer for data. Data can only be sent when the particular computer is polled. If the computer has data to send but is not polled at that time, the data has to be stored until it can be sent. ^_^ JunkCollector ^_^

What is the difference between client and server?

Server means the main computer which is used for the data storage and connected to the other computers, the other computer is called client.

What are the functions of the server computer?

The main function of server computer is to handle requests from client browser and respond with relevant data through a LAN or through Internet.