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the 40 watt bulb will glow brighter in series because it will consume less power.

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Connected in series or parallel will each bulb glow brighter?

In parallel, each bulb will have full voltage applied across them. However, in series, the voltage across each bulb won't be the same as supply voltage. Thereby, bulbs connected in parallel will glow brighter.

If you built an electrical circuit how could you make your bulb brighter?

A bulb can be made to glow brighter by increasing the voltage that is supplied to the bulb.

A 40W bulb or a 60W bulb will glow more brighter if connected in series?

The 40-W lamp will be the brighter, because it has a greater resistance that the 60-W lamp and, therefore, will experience a greater voltage drop across its terminals. The closer the voltage drop is to the lamp's rated voltage, the brighter it will be.

A 5-Watt and 50-Watt bulb are connected in series which bulb will glow brightly?

The 5 watt bulb will glow brightly. The reason has to do with resistance. The higher watt bulb will have the lowest resistance. When you put the two in series, low resistance causes the lowest voltage drop. Higher resistance causes higher voltage drop, therefore the lowest wattage (highest resistance) bulb will have more voltage across it than the other bulb, and will glow brighter.

How did the parallel circuit respond in removing bulbs than a series circuit?

In series circuit as we remove a bulb then all the bulbs would go off But in parallel as we remove one bulb other bulbs would glow even brighter

Will the light bulb be brighter with the batteries in a series or in a parallel?

Batteries in series makes the voltage additive. If the bulb is only rated at a specific voltage and you double the voltage the bulb will glow brighter but its life span will be shortened. Batteries in parallel will keep the voltage at the same level as a single battery but the endurance drain of the batteries will be doubled. Example, if a battery is drained of power, with a bulb being left on continuously, in one hour then two batteries in parallel would allow the bulb to glow for two hours before the batteries were drained of power.

What does it mean when 100 watts is written on an electric bulb?

It is the rated load that is applied to the circuit that the bulb is in. In laymen's terms, it is bulb brightness. The higher the wattage the brighter the bulb will glow.

Two bulbs will glow brighter when they are connected in parallel across the same supply than when connected in series.Why?

A: A BULB in parallel has available all the power that the source can supply. In series the power divide according to each bulb resistance.

Does the neon pillow pet glow?

No it does not glow glow it is just a brighter color then other pillow pets. I don't have it but neon means brighter not glow in the dark. Thank you ;)

Will adding more batteries to a simple circuit will make the bulb?

If you add another battery in series with the first one, then the bulb willglow brighter, and may burn out if you carry things too far.If you add another battery in parallel with the first one, then the brightnessof the bulb won't change, but the battery will last twice as long.

If two different wattage lamp connected in series which lamp will glow brighter and why?

I was also searching for the same but according to me the lamps with higher wattage should glow brighter. We know that, P=VI In series connection current is same through all the lamps but voltage across each lamp depends on the wattage of the bulb. So the bulb with higher wattage will draw more voltage and glow brighter.AnswerUnfortunately, the previous answer is incorrect, although it seems* to be the logical answer! The higher-wattage lamp has a lower resistance than the lower-wattage lamp. So, when they are connected in series, the larger voltage drop (IR)will appear across the lower-wattage lamp. As power is proportional to the square of the voltage, it is the lower-wattage lamp that will be the brighter.[*Many people have the mistaken belief that a higher-wattage lamp has a higher resistance than a lower-wattage lamp. That's the wrong way around!]

Why do fireflies glow?

Fireflies or lightning bugs use specific flash patterns to signal potential mates. Their glow also lets predators know that they taste bad.They have a bulb that glows. The male firefly has only one bulb whereas the female firefly has two bulbs which allows it to glow brighter than its male counterpart.

Does a star get brighter when is hot or cold?

Any hot object will glow brighter when it is hotter.

Why does a 25 watt bulb glow brighter than 60 watt in a series circuit?

Because the filament of a 25-W lamp has a higher resistance than that of a 60-W lamp and, therefore, will experience a greater voltage drop -the lamp with the voltage drop closer to its rated voltage (in this case, the 25-W lamp) will be the brighter.

Why does a fused bulb not glow?

A fused bulb does not glow because the filament of a fused bulb is broken. Since current can't flow through the filament, it can't get hot enough to glow.

What a phrase that is not intelligible?

stars glow brighter than the moon

Can use 24 V bulb in place of 36 v bulb?

yes, but it would be approximately a third dimmer.answ2. Probably not. For there would be more voltage across the bulb than it had been designed for, and it would possibly blow. It would certainly glow much brighter for a while.

How do you make glow sticks glow brighter?

Heat them, for example by briefly putting them in hot water. They will glow more brightly, but won't last as long.

If the filament of inside the bulb is broken will the bulb glow why?

If the filament has broken, the circuit has also broken. The bulb can not glow as there is a gap in the circuit and electricity can not flow across the gap in the bulb.

What happens when a bulb is attached to a battery?

When a bulb is attached to a battery or a cell as scientists call it, the bulb glows. If you want a bulb to glow more and more brighter, it depends on how many batteries you attached to the bulb. If you attach a lot of batteries at the same time, the bulb might even explode or burn out. The wires that hold the interaction between a light bulb and the battery is electricity. The electricity flows through the wires and touches the bulb and that is how a light bulb glows.

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