Confused how to gauge her reaction ex of 16 months I legitimately want to be friends anything more would require serious thought She refuses to believe I could be over her and acts hurt How do I start?


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You question does not indicate what her feelings toward you are.

You imply she has hurt feelings because you want to be friends.

She is too imature to understand you intentions. You are intend on having a friendly relationship with someone dealing with the pain of losing a more intimate relationship. Keep your distance from your ex until she can come to terms of the relationship ending.

DO NOT under any circumstances be intimate with her unless you want to have a child with her. NO MATTER WHAT SHE SAYS. THOSE ONE LAST TIME OFFERS.. ARE TRAPS.

If you don't give this ex time to heal you are not being a friend. Some times being a true friend is letting go. Stay away from her - you are only confusing her heart and her mind. Which is why she cant believe your over her. Stop any initalizing contact with her and prolong any return calls no luches.. dinners.. etc.

You should give her space.. otherwise your going to be a Daddy paying child support - or in a marriage that never should have been. Or worse yet.. end up on the evening news... because if she cant have you no one can. Vee


First you should be honest and just tell her that you are not happy anylonger with her. And that you need time to think. And that it is ok if she moves on to. That that is what you want and that you need time to yourself and that you will always be her friend just not intamently. If she don't believe it then stay completely away from her no contact nothing and no friendship. Let someone in her family know that this is what you are going to do so they will be there for her. Let her know that you don't want this any longer be straight forward and short and quick to the point with any questions that she throws at you.