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It all depends on what was in the written contract, what he agreed to do versus what he did, whether there were change orders and whether he followed building code requirements. "A verbal agreement is not worth the paper it's written on."

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Can a contractor hire a sub-contractor without the permission of the owner hiring the contractor?

That will depend on the contract. Some contracts allow it, others require notification and approval of sub-contractors.

Can an unlicensed contractor place a lien on your property?

Most states do not allow an unlicensed contractor to lien property. Some states however, do allow a lien if someone is operating under the "handyman" laws so don't assume either way. You'll need to check your state laws.

Where can I buy a nice grille?

There are online resources such as that allow you to read customer reviewers, and allow you to search by geographic region. Before selecting a contractor, be sure to get a quote from at least 3 contractors.

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Can an unlicensed contractor put a lien on a property for unpaid depts in Florida?

No. Unlicensed contractors are technically illegal, so the state does not allow liens to be filed.

Can I assign a three party insurance claim check to my contractor?

Yes you can, But it's up to his/her banking institutions banking policies to determine if they will allow your contractor to deposit the check. Most banks these days will not accept a 3 party check unless they know the account holder very well.

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Can a person place a lien on your home for a debt without a court order?

If most cases, the answer is no. However, it depends on the type of lien in involved. In California for example, there are laws that allow a contractor to file a mechanic's lien against property if the contractor has not been paid for work done on the property. However, the lien becomes null & void if the contractor does not file a lawsuit within 90 days after the lien was recorded.

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What To Consider When Buying The Perfect Contractor Truck For Your Trade?

With the rise of contractor jobs, more people are looking for the perfect truck for their work. You could be a telecommunications contractor, a construction contractor, or just a general contractor. You will the perfect truck that fits your needs as a contractor. You need to know what to consider when buying the perfect contractor truck for your trade. You need to take into consideration some choices to what you need your truck to do.Do you work with ladders a lot? If you answered yes, then you should get a truck that can support carrying ladders. A lot of trucks can be fitted with a special rack in the bed that will allow you to carry your ladders and tools. You should also take into consideration how much space you need for all of your tools. Most trucks allow for a lot of tools to be stored in the back. There are other modifications that you might want to consider as well. If you plan on pulling some extra weight, you might want to consider investing into a towing package for your truck. A towing package will allow the truck to pull more than double the weight of the truck. This is perfect for you if you have to carry building materials or an extra generator to a work site.The other thing you should really consider is truly how much space you need in your truck. You could purchase a regular pickup truck or you could consider purchasing an utility truck. With an utility truck, you will have compartments on the outside of the truck that will allow for even more storage of tools and supplies. If you are just a small-time contractor, you should probably look at getting a smaller truck. This will help you save money on the initial price and at the gas pump. You could always upgrade to a bigger truck if you see the need for one down the road. You need to just look at what you need and how much you plan on doing with your new truck.You need to know what to consider when buying the perfect contractor truck for your trade and business. You will need to think about the size of the truck, the space you will need for storage, and the overall cost of the vehicle. If you do those simple steps, you will find the perfect truck.

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a Master Electrician is the person who has the educational and practical experience to perform electrical work according to NEC "National Electric Code". although others like a journeyman can perform those duties, the master electrician hold more education and able to certify electrical work.where and electrical contractor is a company which is licenced to obtain and perform electrical contracts. whoever, and electrical contractor can't perform have their licence without a master electrician being on board. in other words, an electrical contractor must maintain a valid master electrician and it own contracting licensesome states allow a person to be a contractor using his own SSN, in this case a master electrician could be also the contractor.

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This would depend greatly on where you live, whether the work would be done with permits, whether you would be doing the work or hiring a contractor, the extent of modification to the roof and slab or foundation rim, and how fancy the structure will be. If the addition involves plumbing (i.e. new master bath, extension to kitchen, or even a wet bar) it will run up the price considerably. I think I would allow about $57,000 for this, but that would be only a wild guess without more detailed information. I have seen people spend well over twice that amount for smaller additions in Northern California.

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