Contractor did work then additional work.ruined original work.had to be redone by another contractor at considerable more insurance says nocoverage on his own work- can this be tru?

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What insurance obligations does a contractor have to his subcontractors?

Simple summary for complex issue . \nIn theory when a PRIME contractor hires a SUBCONTRACTOR, and the SUBCONTRACTOR causes a loss, damage, injury, etc., then the SUBCONTRACTOR's insurance should pay the expenses related to that loss. If the PRIME contractor causes the loss, then the PRIME contr ( Full Answer )

Would a commercial policy cover losses due to inability to oversee work if a contractor became terminally ill while working on an addition?

Terminal Illness and Commercial Insurance Coverage \n. \nMore than likely the contractor's insurance policy would not respond as his inability to complete the job is not a covered cause of loss on his liability form. There is a way to protect this exposure, however. Prior to awarding a contract ( Full Answer )

Does a job site supervisor working for a general contractor need workmens compensation insurance?

\n. \n Insurance Needed? \n. \nIf he is a sub-contractor, probably not. If he is an employee, yes. Just in case, check with local employment laws.\n. \n Answer \n. \nIf he is working as a supervisor for your Co, supervising other subcontractors, it may well be hard to claim him as an in ( Full Answer )

What does a contractor do?

What is a Contractor? Depending on the type of contractors' A "contractor" is any person engaged in the business of construction, repair, alteration, dismantling, or demolition of bridges, highways, roads, streets, buildings, airports, dams, pipelines, and every other type of structure, project ( Full Answer )

What is a contractor?

Contractors are the ones who are responsible for the daily inspection of a construction site, and often for hiring of individual trades. To become a licensed contractor, you must take an exam with the state you want to work in. Then after you pass the exam, you are now required to renew your license ( Full Answer )

If you hire a contractor to work on your home what insurance should the contractor have?

They should at a minimum have a commercial general liability policyfor the protection of your property. The contractor should also carry the necessary medical Insurancefor his workers. The home owner is "not " responsible forinjury to a contractor's employees unless the home owner wassomehow perso ( Full Answer )

What does contractor liability insurance cover?

Contractor liability insurance typically covers property damage andbodily injury. It also will cover products and completed operationsas well as personal and advertising injury.

I am a company DBA who is an independent Contractor for a another company who will be hiring independent contractors to work with me. Do I issue my workers 1099's Or are they responsible?

Hiring Contractors . You didn't engage (hire) them.. so they are not your responsibility. If you need to engage people, I recommend working thru to limit your liability and paperwork. They might even be a good option for yourself, to limite your amount of pap ( Full Answer )

Does a contractor need to be on the subcontractors policy as additional insured?

This is not as simple a question as it may seem. Subcontractors generally carry their own liability insurance. TheGeneral Contractor should verify that the sub contractors insuranceeither matches or exceeds their own policy limits as this is partof the contract terms for almost every general liabil ( Full Answer )

Does homeowners cover work done by a contractor that has resulted in water damage and cover the expense of getting the job redone and the water damage?

Contractors Liability . The contractors General Liability Insurance policy will cover damage resulting from faulty workmanship. You need to call the contractor. . Answer . Depends on the policy. There are different levels of coverage available. All risk policies would cover the damage by water, b ( Full Answer )

Who is a contractor?

Contractors are the ones who manage and oversee the construction of a building or infrastructure. If you wish to be a contractor, you will need to take a contractor licensing exam in the state you want to work in. After being licensed, you are required to take a continuing education for contractors ( Full Answer )

What kind of working conditions does a contractor have?

Hot in the summer, cold in the winter for construction contractors, nice in the spring and fall.. WHY HASN'T ANYONE ANSWERED!!! ;). I am a contractor a good deal of the time, and my conditions are often substandard, however there are many different kinds of contractor. You could be talking about s ( Full Answer )

What insurance should a contractor have when performing work on my home?

You should at least make sure that they are carrying $500,000 -$1,000,000 in liability limits on a general liability policy. Thiswill protect you from any losses that they may cause such as a fireetc. You need to ask them for a certificate of insurance. Make sureyou get it from their insurance agent ( Full Answer )

Where can i get affordable electrical contractor insurance?

Affordable insurance can be a deadly trap. What you want is the best coverage value for your money. Liability insurance comes in various forms. The cheaper policies tend to have many more coverage exclusions (this means things that won't be covered in a claim). I suggest you start by doing a search ( Full Answer )

Does a yellow page ad work for contractors?

Yellow Pages are most useful for capturing people who have already made a decision to buy. For this reason they work best for contractors like plumbers, locksmiths etc; where the buyer has an immediate need.

How can you verify contractors insurance i have no paper work?

GET paperwork & you probably also need a copy of the endorsement naming you as Additional Insured - not just a certificate of insurance. Then, feel free to call the insurance company or agent to verify. You can probably find their contact information on the internet.

Can a contractor file a lien against a business for work the contractor did but didnt get paid for it?

Construction law liens vary from state to state so you have to check your state code of laws for the requirements. You should consult with a construction law attorney since he will have the forms and can tell you the procedure. It has to be follwed precisely or you may be required to pay the other p ( Full Answer )

Can a contractor in Texas that worked on your house for another company put a lien on your house?

Yes. It is important to get original lien waivers each time you pay your contractor (do not give a check in exchange for a promise of a waiver). A waiver is a receipt of your payment and it is legal documentation that your contractor has paid the subcontractor or supplier. The waiver prevents the ( Full Answer )

Does homeowners insurance cover a bad contractor faulty work?

If the contractor owned up to doing anything wrong they would losethere license very fast verses using the courts or state board totake it , what protection does a homeowner have when "we thepeople" hire some jackleg who is running around with a good con onhow great he and his work is. The question ( Full Answer )

How long is a contractor responsible for faulty work?

If it can be shown that it was faulty work, I don't know that there is a time limit. Some things may take years to show up, but it is still faulty work by the contractor. I'm sure the time limit will vary state to state.

A contractor and his subcontractor are working the same job and the sub damages the contractors equipment whos insurance pays?

The contractor should make a claim upon the sub-contractors insurance and/or bond. If the sub-contractor defrauded the contractor on having insurance and/or bonding in place then he should report the contractor to the State licensing board, file claim on their insurance, and civil lawsuit (if the in ( Full Answer )

What work can a contractor do?

all menisci build house or wood structures from concrete to top of roof line . trouble shoot problems. i can basically take care of all of customer problems and concerns

What rights does a subcontractor have when working for a contractor?

Firstly you have all the rights granted by your contract with the contractor. Secondly you have the state's lien statutes which grant you lien rights providing you meet specified conditions and time restrictions. Construction or mechanics lien laws vary in each state so you need to become familiar w ( Full Answer )

How do you find work as a private military contractor?

It's not particularly difficult to do. Just contact a company which is being hired out as such, and you'll fill out a resume with them, the same as you would for any other job. Military contractors aren't just security contractors, but also include food preparation personnel, truck drivers, HVAC tec ( Full Answer )

How can you know if a contractor is licensed and insured?

So you have a contractor in mind for you Home Improvement Projects, and now you want to verify if they are; in fact, "Licensed and Insured" Like their Business Card, Company Vehicle, or Advertisement states. Well, verifying a Contractor's License and Insurance Policy status isn't that hard, if you k ( Full Answer )

Do you need a license to work as a contractor in California?

No. As long as you bid jobs for under $500.00 for the total job, there is no need for a license. This also includes splitting up a bid to have each bill under $500.00. You are only allowed to work on 1 job, per customer, per year, with a maximum of $500.00 total from each client per year.

What recourse does a contractor have when they have performed the work and the insurance company has issued the check in their name and the insureds name but the insured will not endorse the check?

The insurance company sought you fit to complete the job and by issuing the check I'm going to assume you did the work at a high workmanship standard and fulfilled the contract. Take them to court and take them to the cleaners you'll get way more that what your owed seize property do it all Fellow c ( Full Answer )

What contractor does legitimate work from home?

Be very careful when selecting a work-from-home company to work for. Many of these companies require you to pay a substantial amount of money before you're able to even begin working. If you do find a company you trust, veriy that they are accredited with the BBB, as well as having great references ( Full Answer )

How do I know if my waterproofing contractor does good work?

"To find out about a waterproofing contractor it's best to surf the internet. This way you can get an idea about what work that contractor has done for other clients and rate their customer satisfaction. You can ask for references from other previous clients. It is always better to review the work t ( Full Answer )

How do waterproofing contractors work?

"Waterproofing contractors work off of individuals or businesses hiring them for specific projects. When hiring a waterproofing contractor, it is important to ensure that they are properly licensed and insured to avoid any scam contractors."

Can you deduct work comp or general liability insurance from a 1099 contractors check if they don't produce their own policy in Nebraska Iowa or Texas?

Did you actually buy Workers Comp or General Liability Insurance for that contractor? If not, Then you have no right to deduct the cost of something you did not provide. If you "Did" go out and buy the required insurance and that requirement was in your contract, then you should have no problems ( Full Answer )

Can you still work with a felony on aircrafts as a contractor?

If this question is relating to a commercial aircraft operating in the transport of the general public, the answer is no. Any employee, whether as a contractor, temp, or full-time, working 'airside' at a commercial airport requires an airport ID to cross from 'Landside' to 'Airside.' Obtaining such ( Full Answer )

Which companies offer IT contractor insurance?

There are several companies that offer IT contractor insurance. Hiscox, Markel UK, The Indemnity Brokers and Contractor UK are amongst the few that offer it.

How to work effectively as an IT contractor?

One can effectively work as an IT contractor by always being prepared for any situation. Set time limits on projects, never take any sides and always continue your marketing efforts even if you are busy.

What does an insurance contractor do?

The job of a insurance contractor is to find you the best deal possible for your insurance needs.This could be anything from motorcycle to mobile home insurance.

Can contractors work on Sunday?

They certainly may work on a Sunday. Some unions have negotiated that Sundays will always be a day off, or require premium rates be paid. Some noise regulations may prohibit the operation of heavy machinery.