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Depends on where you live and the cost of auto parts there.

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Q: Cost of oil pump for a 1999 6 cylinder Dodge Stratus SE?
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How much does a tune up cost for a 2003 Dodge Stratus?

I have a 2002 dodge stratus RT, it cost me 385.00 at the dealership in michigan

How much does it cost the front wheel bearing for a dodge stratus 1999?

$185.00 parts and labor front left side

How much to replace deployed airbags 1997 dodge stratus?

How much should it cost to replace the airbags on a 1997 dodge stratus?

How much does a head gasket cost 2002 dodge stratus rt?

How much to repair a head gasket for a 2002 dodge stratus

What is the cost to replace an alternator on a 2002 dodge stratus?


2003 dodge stratus how much does a transmission cost?


What is the cost to replace dodge stratus engine?

I had to replace the engine in my 2001 stratus SE and it ran me 900 dollars.

How much would key cost for 2006 dodge stratus?

The Dodge dealer wants $40.00 for the key and programming it.

How much does a fuel pump for a 2000 dodge stratus cost?

around $200.00

How much will it cost to replace thermostat on 2004 2.7L dodge stratus?


How much does an auto tire barring cost?

how much are barrings for a dodge stratus

Cost of repairs ignition coil assembley on 99 dodge stratus?

The ignition coil for a 2.5l v6 cost about $140.00 in NL . And at least 3 hours labour. My mechanic can't find the ignition coil on my 99 dodge stratus!!

What kind of cost to replace transmission in 2001 Dodge Stratus?

2500.00 Just has mine replaced.

How much does it typically cost to replace the starter on a 2001 Dodge Stratus?

i have a 01 dodge stratus 3.0 6c. paid $50.00 for rebuilt one. haven't have any problems with it. autozone wanted $150.00 for a new one

What is the average cost of fuel pump replacement on a 1998 Dodge Stratus 4-cylinder 2.4l engine in Elizabeth New Jersey?

Between $500 and $600. The part can be had for about 225 with about 3 hrs labor at $100/hour

How much should struts cost on a 2000 Dodge Stratus?

on the underneath of engine, remove passenger side tire

Cost of battery for 2002 dodge stratus?

I just spoke with a tech from Auto Zone and the prices were from $75.99 - $105.99.

How do you know if you need a ignition switch for Dodge Stratus 2000?

my brother has a 2001 stratus and had problems with the ingnition switch turning forward. we hired a lock smith to repair it at a fraction of the cost.

What is the cost to replace link and sway bar dodge stratus?

About $300 is what I am paying for my 2006 stratus. THough, I really think Im getting ripped off given the part is $40

How much should it cost to rebuild a 1999 Dodge Durango transmission?

To rebuild my transmission on my 1999 Dodge durango cost me $1,250 with a 1yr. warranty on labor and parts. It drives great now.

What does it cost to replace a water pump and timing belt in a 2000 dodge stratus se?

Right around $600.00. I just had mine done at the Dodge Dealer last month!!

Where are the spark plugs on a 1999 dodge stratus?

What size motor? I have a 1999 Stratus 2.5 liter (6 cyl) and I am taking it to the dealer to have it done since I decided that I didn't want to mess with it. If that is the engine size that you have and you decide that want to do it, you have to remove the intake manifold to get to them. I don't know where you live but where I live it is going to cost me $165.00 for a tune-up but I'm tired of working on cars and figure that it's worth it, this cost may make you decide to do it yourself though.

What is an average price that a garage might charge to replace a timing belt on a 2000 Dodge Stratus 4-cylinder automatic?

When my timing belt broke on my 99 stratus 2.4 L 4 cyl it cost about $800 to have it repaired. I also had to replace the timing component kit because the broken belt damaged that. the dealership gave me a quote of about $700 just for the timing belt.

How much does a solenoid pack on a 1996 Dodge Stratus cost?

According to the clowns who just replaced mine, $320.21. The part (#5015646ac) lists for $219.00 from Chrysler.

How much should it cost to replace a blown head gasket on a 1999 dodge neon?

It can cost anywhere between about 700 dollars and about 1500 dollars to replace a blown head gasket on the 1999 Dodge Neon. This varies depending on location and condition of the vehicle.