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As long as the overall diameter is the same you can go down to a 14 inch wheel.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-07 21:26:56
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Q: Could 14 wheels be replaced for 15 wheels in a ranger and use 235/75 tires without modifications?
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2007 ram 1500 with the 20 in option will a smaller rim fit without any modifications?

You can change the wheels to a 17" without modifications.

Can you tow GMC Jimmy from rear wheels without much mechanical modifications?

Recommend Rollbacks only

Can you put 20 crome wheels on a 1985 Dodge Diplomat without causing the tires to rub or damaging the car?

Not without modifications to the suspension.

Will 24 or 26 inch wheels fit a 1998 Ford Explorer Sport 2 wheel drive?

Not without major modifications.

How do you replace shocks on 2000 ford ranger?

The shocks on a 2000 Ford Ranger are replaced by jacking the vehicle up, removing the wheels, unbolting the shock, and removing it from the vehicle. Because the vehicle is supported off the ground, the shocks are not under load and can readily be replaced.

How big of wheels can you put on a new Cadillac STS?

you can put twenty inch wheels with low profile tires without modifications. any bigger you will have to cut the fenderwells and tweak the suspension to raise it otherwise.

Will 1999 ranger wheels fit a 2003 ranger edge?


Will 2006 18 Impala SS Wheels fit on a 2005 Impala without modifications?

The answer is yes. They both have the same bolt pattern 5 x115. No mods whatso ever

Will 24 inch wheels fit on a 2007 dodge charger?

Yes, with slight modifications.

Are Toyota wheels interchangeable with Ford wheels?

No, but there is some that are very close to fit and is not appropriate to install them even when you can put them on, an lease you do the appropriated modifications to it.

Will 22 inch rims fit on an 95 crown Victoria s without scrubbing?

NO. They are goinf to scrub when you turn the wheels unless you do some serious modifications to the wheel openings to give the wheels more room., and I don't know if you will get enough room even then.

How does it land without wheels on wings?

How does what land without wheels on wings?

What is the biggest tire for a stock 2000 ford ranger XLT 4x4?

If your 2000 Ranger XLT is a 4x4 and has the 16in. stock wheels, the tallest tires you can install without rubbing or modification are 235/85/16. With 15in stock wheels the 32/950/15 is very close. You may have to modify for these. I currently have 235/85/16s under my stock 2000 XLT Ranger. Goodluck.

Where can you get wheels replaced on Skyway luggage?

nsw australia

Why does my 1994 ford ranger front wheels lean inward?

The front wheels on a 1994 Ford Ranger lean inward due to the camber of the steering alignment. Adjustments can be made at a local tire shop.

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Can a 1991 Geo Tracker 5 speed 2 wheel drive be dingy towed 4 wheels down behind a motor home without any modifications?

yes as long as you have a proper towing mechanism

Will 1999 Ford Mustang Rims fit on a 1999 Ford Ranger?

if the mustang wheels have 5 lug holes they will fit a ranger

How many wheels does a tram have?

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Backspacing of Ford Ranger wheels?

Stock Backspacing is usually 4.5 inches.

Will wheels of 91 explorer fit 97 ranger?

yes it will. been there done that........

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