Could I still be pregnant or pregnant again if I have had no period since April and a miscarriage in June with a D and C and no period almost four weeks later with a positive pregnancy blood test?

It sounds like you are pregnant again. See if they can do an ultrasound to see if they can see a baby or a heartbeat.

It is possible, crazy as it sounds, for a baby to survive a D&C! A number of cases have been documented.

Something else that is a possibility is that the pregnancy was a hydatiform mole, when the baby doesn't grow and everything else grows too much. If there was any tissue left behind it could continue to grow, causing positive test results. You would definitely need to see a doctor either way.

2/4/2010: It is INDEED possible. I, myself, am living proof. It happened to me as an embryo and here I am now. True story.