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It sounds like you are pregnant again. See if they can do an ultrasound to see if they can see a baby or a heartbeat.

It is possible, crazy as it sounds, for a baby to survive a D&C! A number of cases have been documented.

Something else that is a possibility is that the pregnancy was a hydatiform mole, when the baby doesn't grow and everything else grows too much. If there was any tissue left behind it could continue to grow, causing positive test results. You would definitely need to see a doctor either way.

2/4/2010: It is INDEED possible. I, myself, am living proof. It happened to me as an embryo and here I am now. True story.

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Q: Could I still be pregnant or pregnant again if I have had no period since April and a miscarriage in June with a D and C and no period almost four weeks later with a positive pregnancy blood test?
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Can you get pregnancy after miscarry?

Yes you can. Almost a third of all pregnancies end up in miscarriage and people get pregnant again after that.

How do you get false pregnancy?

If you got a positive pregnancy test you are almost definitely pregnant. There are a few rare meds taht will cause it but its very rare.

Could you still get pregnant after having a miscarriage and a d and c and no period?

Yes if you had sex before your period came back. But remember that it can take the hormones almost 2 months to settle and during that time you can have pregnancy symptoms and show positive on the test.

How can i tell if im pregnant when i have had a period everyday for almost 5 months?

Take a pregnancy test , and if positive go to the hospital .

Is it dangerous to get pregnant immediately after a miscarriage?

Dangerous for you? No. Dangerous for the pregnancy? Yes. The cervix need to close and the uterus to heal first so you give the pregnancy the best chance you can since almost a third of all pregnancies end in miscarriage whether it's your first or third pregnancy or whether you've had a miscarriage or abortion before or not. Wait around 4 months until trying again.

Can you have a healthy pregnancy after a miscarriage?

Absolutely! Almost 1/3 pregnancies end in miscarriage and a huge majority of those women have children after.

I am almost two weeks pregnant and i think i started my periodis that a miscarriage?

Not necessarily. It is not uncommon to "spot" a little, especially that early in the pregnancy. If you continue to bleed in amounts similar to your normal menses it could be indicative of a miscarriage. Consult your OBGYN MD or midwife.

If a person fallopian tubes are tide and they misses there period and they test is positive for a pregnancy test?

If your pregnancy test was positive, then you are almost certainly pregnant. Having your fallopian tubes tied is not a foolproof method of contraception - it has a 1 in 200 failure rate.

I am three months late i have all pregnancy symptoms an One faint positive ept test but many negative generic pregnancy tests that claim to be 98.9 effective i am getting could i still be pregnant?

It is more likely for you ro get a false negative than a false positive. In other words, if you get a negative on a test, you could still be pregnant, if you get a positive test, you are almost 100% pregnant. Positive pregnancies are rarely wrong.

What does it mean if im almost 3months pregnant and you had a blood clot bigger than a quarter?

its a miscarriage :(

You had a spontaneous miscarriage almost 3 months ago and today you took a pregnancy test and came up positive Is it possible that you are pregnant?

Yes it is possible. It is a really good idea to make a Dr appt. as soon as possible to find out for sure. Sometimes there might still be something wrong from the last pregnancy. It is better to be safe than sorry and get checked out. Good Luck.

Are you pregnant if you missed your period and first test was negative but the second was positive?

My understanding is that the tests do not always show positive when you are pregnant, but that they never show positive if you are not pregnant. In other words, if you have a positive test, you are almost certainly pregnant.

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