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Could a faulty ignition coil lead to increased emissions?


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If it's weak you might have incomplete combustion or possibly an irratic misfire, but most likely the problem that causes increased emissions is elsewhere. An increase in hydrocarbons is often caused by the O2 sensor or possibly the EGR valve. You could also have a problem with plugs, distributor, rotor or plug wires.


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If you battery has plenty of power, either faulty contacts in ignition switch or starter motor, or faulty starter motor.

...could be allot of reasons why you may not be getting spark, here are some: # no power to ignition coil. faulty ignition. # faulty distributer cap, rotor. # faulty ignition module. # check for start signal from ecm. ...and there is a few more.

A faulty fuel pump could do that or a faulty timing belt (if equipped) could also do that. If it is a Ford, it could be the ignition module too.

Could be a simple as a poor fitting or faulty fuel cap.

Usually caused by faulty sensors in exhaust system. Could also mean Catalytic converter is plugged/faulty/emissions problem with vehicle

electric radiator fan runs soon after 93 mb 500sel ignition

Faulty ignition wires, distributor cap and rotor could be to blame.

One thing that could cause this would be a faulty ignition switch, specially if you do not have ignition (cluster) lights. Just a thought...

More likely a charging fault. Check stator, rectifier and regulator. A faulty ignition coil would cause misfire, scant acceleration and lumpy idle.

Ignition coil could be damaged,a break in its power wire most likely the green w a black stripe,faulty computer,faulty distributer cap or rotor

it could be that one or all of your sensors are faulty, it could be the abs relay is faulty or it could be the abs pump that is faulty ( or it could also be a fuse )

Key could be damaged, tumbler could be faulty, lock bar in the ignition could be faulty (the latter is more a common problem with GM than with Toyota, though).

On a high energy ignition, possible problems include: Faulty keyswitch, faulty wiring or connectors, faulty pickup inside the distributor, faulty electrical condenser, if it has points (depends on the type of HEI) the points could be bad, faulty coil or faulty HEI control module. You will need to identify which component has failed.

1. Low fuel economy 2. Rich engine condition which leads to: 3. Excess emissions in the form of hydrocarbons 4. Increased exhaust temp 5. Oil contamination 6. Ignition component wear

you can not adjust emissions there may be a fault if your exhaust is leaking or your oxygen sensor (lambda sensor) is faulty maybe a injector leaking fuel into the cylinder may even be a coil pack or as simple as spark plugs i wouldn't know with out knowing which emissions it is high on i could give you a almost definite answer and explain why i think that if you reply with which emissions it is failing and the numbers

Could be faulty ignition coils especially if engine starts when cold then stalls and will not start once warmed up.

Either the coil is bad or the ignition control module is bad.I would think the coil is faulty.

Well, there could be a short between the ign. to the solenoid, or, bad contact. The contact in the ign. could be faulty . I would check the ign. first.

You could have a faulty fuel pressure regulator or defective ignition switch. You could have a faulty fuel pressure regulator or defective ignition switch. You're not real clear on the starting problem as to whether it won't crank or just takes several tries before it starts. Maybe you just need a tune-up.

Could be a faulty ignition switch. I would check for loose wires and connections both under the dash and under the hood, especially those dealing with ignition.

If the ignition switch is faulty it could leave an electrical component turned on and that could potentially cause a dead battery. That would not necessarily be the case and you might notice if the switch is supposed to be off but something still runs.

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