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I used to work with J-1 visa applicants from France. I can help you analyse the your question more deeply and can offer an assumtion but not a definitive answer. For that, I suggest you visit your local US Consulate or Embassy. Does your country, the country where you would be married and of which you have citizenship, have an agreement with the US which permits you to visit the US as a tourist without a visa, that is, to travel in the US only on your passport? If so, it seems to me that your J-1 visa has nothing to do with your returning to the US as a tourist for up to 3 months, usually. You cannot however, as I understand it, apply immediately for a new J-1 visa upon the expiration of your present J-1 visa. However, I think that you must report to the American Consulate in your country in oder to inform them and to declare your marriage and could probably apply for a long term residence permit as the spouse of an American at that time. As for getting married to an American just to obtain US citizenship, it is frowned upon and I think illegal. Doing so might cost you the chance of obtaining an American residence permit and ever residing in the US if proven. If that is what you intend, why not simply apply for a green card? Depending on your country of residence, there is a fairly large quota of those available at this time, I understand. For information about a green card, go to:

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Q: Could a foreign j1 visa holder marry a US citizen in their home country and then return to the US with their US spouse immediately?
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What is foreign passport holder?

I live in the USA with a Green Card but am a citizen of the UK and a UK Passport holder. I am thus to the USA/US Immigration a foreign passport holder.

If us citizen and foreign citizen divorce does foreign citizen lose citizenship?

That depends on whether the foreigner actually was actually a spouse, or just a holder of a spouse visa (green card).

Does a US green card holder need a visa to travel to Peru?

With a Green Card, a holder can enter any country a US citizen does not need a visa, without a visa. You must however, find out the maximum duration one is allowed to stay in the foreign country with each visit.

As a green card holder do you need a passport to travel Mexico and back to the USA?

Yes a green card holder has no citizen rights in the USA. Consider yourself still a citizen of your home country which means you need a passport to enter any country outside US and your home country's borders.

What if a Green card holder marries a US citizen?

They can stay here. When a green card holder marries a US citizen, he/she gets to share the benefits enjoyed by the US citizen. The US citizen can also file in for the green card holder's citizenship application.

Are foreign embassy employees with income wages required to fiel income tax returns?

If a foreign embassy employee is a us citizen or a green card holder he has to file income tax return. If he is a us citizen he will pay both income tax and social security taxes . If he is a green card holder he is not required to pay social security taxes but he is required to pay income tax.

How can a US citizen divorce a green card holder?

The same way you divorce anybody else in that country. Talk to your lawyer.

What is a foreign passport holder?

Basically it means a visitor of a country with a different passport ( passport of his own country) thus refering to being a foreigner with a passport.

Can you travel to the Philippines if your passport expires in five months?

If you are a Philippine Passport holder then Yes, you can travel with less that 5 months in it since you are a Filipino citizen by law. But if you are a foreign passport holder you must have atleast 6 months of validity in it.

Can you get citizenship of other countries if you are Iranian passport holder?

If you meet the citizenship requirement of the foreign country/state you are living in, then yes you can apply for citizenship of that country/state.

Does a green card holder can enter japan without a visa?

If you are a citizen of a country whose citizen do not need a visa to visit Japan, then you are fine; Green card does not waive visa requirement for Japan.

What countries can a green card holder of the united states visit without a visa?

Strangely enough, more countries than a US citizen can visit. The card holder could visit his or her own country and countries like Brazil for example which a US citizen would need a visa for.

Can you leave the Philippines for a vacation?

A Filipino citizen can leave the Philippines for a vacation in another country anytime, provided he/she is a holder of a passport and has been granted a visa to the country where he/she will spend a vacation.

What is meant by the term citizen?

A citizen is an individual who has pledged his/her allegiance, loyalty and devotion to his/her country. A true citizen is one who regards his/her country as his/her own mother and strives to protect and uphold its integrity at all times. A person can become a citizen either by birth or through parents or naturalization. For example, if they want to get naturalized as a US citizen, then they need to first become a Green Card Holder and satisfy many other requirements.

Can your daughter become a us citizen if she has her father last name you are a green card holder and your husband is illegal?

Depends on where she was born. If she was born in the United States she is all ready a citizen. If she was born outside the country she would have to apply for citizenship. Since your are not a citizen and your husband is illegal she is not a citizen unless born here.

Can you work in Sweden as a british passport holder?

Yes, because both Sweden and Britain are in the EU. As a British passport holder you are also an EU citizen, which gives you the legal right to live and work in any other EU country.

Can you be a US citizen if your child US citizen and your wife are an US citizens?

Yes provided you are a green card holder in the first place.Only if you have stayed continuously for minimum 5 years in US as a green card holder you are eligible to file Form N-400 to become a US citizen. If you are not a green card holder yet your wife can petition for you.

Do you need a green card if you are a US citizen?

no Being a US Citizen entitles a person to a great number of privileges than being a green card holder. A person can become a US Citizen only after becoming a green card holder. A person should have been a green card holder for 5 yrs or 3yrs ( if married to a US citizen).Green card and then citizenship is the valid, designated route.

How do you Become an American Citizen When Married to an American?

Green card holder

Can a green card holder vote for president of the US?

No- generally you have to be a citizen.

Can a green card holder insist on getting the divorce in his original country?

no,because the green cerd holder live in the same country if the country is ours.

Is ny license valid in london?

By international agreement, driver's licences are valid in another country for up to 1 year provided that the licence holder hasn't taken up permanent residence in the foreign country.

Can a working visa holder newly born child in US is citizen of US?

Any child born in the United States is a U.S. citizen.

Can a green card holder who is married to a U.S. citizen be deported if he is convicted of a crime?


Can green card holder sponsor parent?

No, howver if you are Citizen you may sponsor a parent

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