Could a human survive being cut in half at the waist if the person who did it was not a surgeon but someone with knowledge of how to stop the bleeding and avoid infection?

Wow, um, well usually when someone is cut in half at the waist, the EMT's are instructed to not take any heroic measure to save their life as in general, being cut in half at the waist is thought of to be incompatible with life. So short answer: most likely not.

I'm kind of curious why your asking

she/he is full of crap, you can survive quite fine in this situation if get at the hospital in time. if ems does not take standard life saving measures they can lose there job and be sued up to 12 million dollars by the victims family. "so short answer" yes if to the hospital in time. PS you don't have to tell her why your asking, that's none of her business

Hypothetically if someone stood perfectly straight and you were able to cut them incredibly fast and parallel to the ground and the person did not move the slightest then yes it could be possible

i was watching this thing on tv a guy was cut in half but only lasted about 3 hours because the peremedics took one half to the wrong hospital