Could a meteor ever hit earth?


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They often do. If they get through Earth's atmosphere and hit Earth's surface, they are called meteorites. Many can be found on Earth.

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it could but scientists could be wrong and maybe they will be right

Probably about 4.6 billion years ago.

no proof of what happened, but if it was a meteor, parts could have hit off onto the moon.

No the latest meteor to hit was 2004 Australia .

no one is sure.but it is possible that 1 could hit the earth because 1 has hit earth before. ( the one that wiped out the dinosaurs)

dk meteor as in dino killing meteor

A meteor hit the Earth in the Ural mountains of Russia, near the city of Chelyabinsk, in February 2013.

The ones that hit the earth are called meteorites.

Yes, the whole Earth is always, and will always be impacted by objects from space.

Well, according to studies, it would not ever hit the earth unless it has a jet pack strapped to its back or springy shoes.

Most scientists think it happened when a meteor hit the Earth. Some have evolved into birds.

i think it hit the European continent

Meteor. Meteorites are the ones that do hit Earth.

Many meteorites have hit Earth. You will need to be more specific.

Meteors hit this planet every day. Most of them are too small to notice; but even a meteor of the size of a sandkorn can give a spectacular sight at night (the "shooting stars").Larger meteors can be catastrophic; in 1908 a meteor hit Siberia, causing an explosion comparable to an H-bomb. 65 million years ago a larger meteor hit Earth, causing the demise of the dinosaurs.If you get a chance, go to Meteor Crater [See related link] in Arizona for a close up view of what happens when a meteor hits Earth.

No, because that meteor already hit the earth.

Once it hits the Earth, we call the pieces "meteorites".

A meteor hit the earth in the mesozic era

if a meteor hit earth and a piece of earth (the moon) chipped off. earths gravitational pull could be sufficient to make the moon orbit around the earth.

A Meteor hit the earth and destroyed everything

they can prdict if a meteor will hit the earth

the gravitational pull pulls (really?) the meteor into the earths atmosphere, and the meteor burns up, then hits the earth (sometimes)

Meteors hit the Earth every day, the small ones burn up in the atmosphere but larger ones can hit the surface. A meteor large enough to present any significant risk to humans is very rare. A meteor the size of the Tunguska meteor could do widespread damage, but they have only hit the earth once every 100,000 years. A meteorite large enough to cause widespread biospheric extinction happens only about one per 1 billion years. A meteor large enought odestroy the earth outright would have to be the size of the moon, and there are no such asteroids anywhere near the earth.

It is very likely that it will be hit by one eventually - but catastrophic events of this type may happen every few million years or so. The larger the meteor we are talking about, the longer it will take on average to be hit by one of them. No meteor is known that will hit Earth any time soon.

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