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I would like to know if my 2002 Chevy Blazer with a stock 4.3 vortec pull 2000 lbs ?

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Q: Could a stock 2002 Chevy blazer vortec 4.3 tow 2000 pounds?
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Is it possible to tow a Uhaul trailer with a Chevy Blazer?

Blazers have a 4.3L vortec engine. Also have a rearwheel drivetrain, most have 4x4 too. hell yeah my blazer can tow a Uhaul. could probably pull 2. (think the towing limit is like 4,000-4,500 pounds.)

What is the towing capacity for a 2000 Chevy S10 Blazer 4x4?

The stated towing capacity of the 2000 Chevrolet S 10 Blazer is 1500 pounds. There were options available that could raise the towing capacity to 3500 pounds.

Where can one buy Chevy Blazer parts in Houston?

One can buy Chevy Blazer part son Houston when one goes to the site Chevy+in+Houston. This site offers used Chevy as well as Chevy Blazer parts. Or one could go online to sites like Auto Trader.

Where could one find maintenance tips for a 2000 Chevy Blazer?

There are many places where one could find maintenance tips for a 200 Chevy Blazer. One could check websites such as Fixya for information regarding maintenance on this vehicle.

Your Chevy blazer was overheating and you put antifreeze in your car 3 days ago and it is all gone Where could the antifreeze be leaking to Its not on the ground?

If it is a vortec engine, it is probably the lower intake manifold gasket. In most cases you can smell it when the engine is hot.

How do you check the fuel injection on a 94 Chevy Blazer S10?

On the 4.3 vortec: to check for a leaking system, Remove plastic vortec cover, Then remove the round black thingy on the top and look in with a flashlight. It SHOULD be dry. If it is wet, you got a leak. Could be fuel pressure regulator (passenger side) or fuel line (driver side).

What is the long round thing underneath your Chevy blazer in the middle?

Could be the driveshaft.

What Chevy block has casting number 1024380?

10243880 if from 95-00 Vortec. Closest I could find.

Why could your 2002 Chevy blazer vibrate 65MPH or more?

Tire/wheel balance

What type of battery could i use in my 1998 Chevy Blazer LS?

Group 75.

Window on 88 Chevy blazer will not go down?

A blown fuse could be the reason the window will not go down on your 1988 Chevy Blazer. Another possibility is that the switch is worn out or has a loose, broken, or corroded wire.

99 Chevy blazer starts but cuts out when you give it gas?

Could be a plugged fuel filter.

Will speed sensor on Chevy S10 blazer cause it not to shift into high gear?

Yes, it could.

Why your 1999 Chevy blazer motor engine is felling weak?

Could be in need of a tune up.

Why gages don't work on your 1997 Chevy blazer what could be the problem?

Check for a blown fuse.

What are signs of transmission failure on a Chevy Blazer?

If the blazer is wheezing, it could be transmission, but if it has 4-wheel drive, check to make sure that the gear is correctly shifted.

What 4.3 can be used in a 1999 Chevy blazer?

Any electronic 4.3 can be fitted into a second generation Blazer. You could even swap in a V8 - I've seen 5.3, 5.7, and 6.0 swaps done - if you so wished, although it wouldn't be a simple "plug and play" application. The 96 - 02 Blazers used the L35 variant of the 4.3 Vortec engine.

Why does 1997 Chevy Blazer miss out when you accelerate?

Could be a faulty spark plug or spark plug wire.

Can you Lower a 1997 Chevy Blazer 4x4?

In theory you could to any vehicle but whether or not you should is the question.

Why does your 1995 Chevy blazer run well and then cuts off at random?

A failing fuel pump could do that.

What could cause a Left front popping noise in 98 Chevy blazer?

A front popping on the left of a 98 Blazer could be the brakes, steering, or wheel bearing. Check all three to find the cause.

Is a v-8 vortec engine a 350 or 305?

A V8 vortec could be either a 350 (5.7 liter) or a 305 (5.0 liter), it will say right when you open the hood, i have a 305, the truck is a 97 Chevy 1500.

How do you replace a windshield in a 95 Chevy Blazer?

Personally I don't know how to replace a Chevy Blazer windshield, but attached is an article from wikihow that could help you out. If that looks complicated or you can't find the windshield glass check out your local glass shops or websites.

What could cause theKnocking noise front of 2001 Chevy blazer?

low on oil, crankshaft and bearings bad

What will cause transmission leak in 1998 Chevy blazer?

Could be several reasons, need to know aprox where it is leaking from.