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Hi, Any time you have unprotected sex there is a risk of pregnancy. If your period arrived like normal then you are not pregnant. The sharp pain in your abdomonen and then bleeding the next day may be from your period or because your on Birth Control pill, pregnant or because you have a hormonal imbalance. See your doctor.

2006-07-21 20:45:19
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Could you be pregnant if your stomach feels weird?

Could you be pregnant if your stomach feels weid after having unprotected sex.

Could you be pregnant if your stomach is hard and your period is 5 days late and you started to have some spotting after your last period but all your tests came out negative?

Yes you could be pregnant or it could be a hormonal problem.

If your stomach is bloated and you started being more thirsty and you have started developing acne and you haven't had sexual intercourseis that your period or could it mean that you are pregnant?

You have to have sex to become preg

What is this popping feeling in your stomach Could you be pregnant?

Or it could be gas.

Could you be pregnant if your lower stomach is swollen or is it something else?

you could be pregnant go get checked out

My stomach feels heavy and i feel nausea could i be pregnant?

you could

You have had a fever sore breast stomach pains and diarrhea does that mean that you are pregnant?

You could be. Or you could just have a stomach bug

Could you be pregnant if you have been feeling sick to your stomach and light headed and you have been having stomach cramps?

Yes you could be pregnant or you could have a tummy bug. Do a pregnancy test when your period is late.

Could you be pregnant if you have a lot of belching and stomach cramps and you are two days late?

You could be pregnant yes. Do a test.

Could you be pregnant if you started your period immediately after sex?

It is unlikely that you are pregnant if you started your period straight after sex

What is it called when everything you've eaten for the past few months has been upsetting your stomach but before this started happening you could eat anything comfortably?

Your pregnant!

You have had light bleeding for 11 days now and it started after you had intercourse which was on the day you started to ovulate could you be pregnant?

Yes, you could be pregnant. At ovulation a woman is MOST LIKELY to get pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you have a brown line on your stomach and your period is a week late?

== == there is a STRONG POSSIBILITY that your pregnant

If your upper stomach is hurting could that mean your pregnant?

no it could something else

Are your pregnant if your bottom stomach feels funny?

Not necessarily but there could be a chance.

Could you be pregnant if you have bloating and burning in your stomach along with itchy breasts and fatigue?

Yes you could be pregnant. See your Doctor for a blood test.

You have lower back pain and fullness of the stomach what could be wrong?

Could you be pregnant? Check that if not could be you are either having excessive gas in your stomach or blotting or digestive problems.

Im having some serious stomach could it be im pregnant?

There are many reason why you could have stomach aches, just go see a doctor.

Could you be pregnant if you had your tubes tied 2 years ago and you feel pressure like movement in your stomach?

Take a pregnancy test, you could be pregnant. Or you could have gas.

Could you still be pregnant if you had a three-day period but your stomach is bigger you have gained weight and you are constantly nauseous and have headaches?

It takes quite a while for the stomach to grow when you are pregnant. You could have the flu. If you think you could be pregnant, the only way to confirm it one way or the other is to take a HPT.

I Have Been Feeling Really Sick To My Stomach And Sore Nipples for about a month But I Started My Period its really Light Though. Could I Be Pregnant?

yes you could just be spotting. go see ur doctor.

I had my period then 9 days after I started spotting could i be pregnant?

probably you were pregnant and had a miscarriage

How can a 10 year old girl get pregnant?

If she has started ovulating she could get pregnant from intercourse.

My stomach is sticking out ..walk like pregnant can I be pregnant?

You could be pregnant. Have you had your period. Grab your partner or a friend and buy a pregnancy test.

You are a week late for your periode your breast are swollen but it dont hurt you and you get some crampin in your stomach could you be pregnant?

yes, you could be pregnant, good luck.