Could abscessed teeth be the problem if a 9-year-old dog has a lump of pus on the side of its mouth and discharge in one eye and he will not let anyone touch it?

Sounds like your dog has an abscessed tooth, and the infection is spreading. An abscess in a human can be as deadly as appendicitis left untreated. Of course he won't let anyone touch it, it must hurt dreadfully. PLEASE take the poor thing to a vet. You may be in time to get it treated successfully, so you won't have to have it put to sleep. What are you waiting for? If you had an abscess in your mouth that hurt dreadfully, and had pus oozing out of one eye, I'm sure you'd be on the way to the hospital, or at least a dentist. Think about it. Your dog is suffering. Please help him. I agree, what are you waiting on. If your hurt like that or your child would you wait. These are our 4-legged children. Get him to the vet. I also agree. What is wrong with people that know their best friend is suffering and won't take him to the vet??? Please TAKE YOUR DOG TO THE VET!!!!! Antibiotics and tooth extraction would be your best bet. Is this a small breed by chance? Daschund or Poodle?