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Hi, Some Birth Control pills can cause some peoples anxiety to become more pronounced but its uncommon. Best thing to do is see your doctor and speak to him about your worries.

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How do you ease depression?

Learn how to control your anxiety and your emotions. Think positively and relax when you are feeling anzy.

What drugs control anxiety?

Some drugs that will control anxiety would be xanax, valium, klonopin

I would like to learn how I can better cope with anxiety.?

I recommend talking with your family doctor about how to control your anxiety. That is why you pay him/her and they are more likely going to know what triggers the anxiety, how to control it and certain things that you may do in order to control your anxiety that may not work for everyone else.

Drugs that control anxiety and severe disturbances of behavior?

There are many drugs that can help control anxiety. Muscle relaxers, etc. But there are other ways to control anxiety rather than medicine. Try practicing thinking to yourself and tell the anxiety to go away. This always helped me...tell yourself "im young and healthy".

How can you tell if you have anxiety?

People who suffer from anxiety commonly experience the following feelings / characteristics over extended periods of time:apprehensive, panickytrembly, shakyaware of dryness of the mouth, breathing difficulties, pounding of the heart, sweatiness of the palmsworried about performance and possible loss of control provides a free online test to measure levels of depression, anxiety and stress as well as additional information sources on anxiety.

What does ssri control in the brian?

The SSRIs slow the destruction of serotonin, an hormone that is believed it is associated with happiness. If you are prescribed an SSRI, chances are that it's for depression, anxiety, panic, OCD or a personality disorder like BPD.

How would someone suffering from anxiety learn to control panic attacks?

Someone suffering from anxiety can learn how to control their panic attacks by learning the signs and symptoms of panic attacks and learning relaxation techniques and how to control breathing. You can learn more about anxiety and panic attacks at the WebMD website.

Can taking birth control add to your anxiety and depression?

Get off the birth control pill! It is known to cause breast cancer, clotting and in some cases strokes. That little pill is simply not worth it. Talk to your doctor if you are sexually active as there are other options you could be using. YES!! I used to take Ortho Evra and I was a nut case. I was depressed and emotional all the time. My sister can't take anything so far or she is real emotinal. I started taking the shot and I think that because it has no estrogen it is better for me. Hormones make your body act in different ways and some forms of birth control have hormones that others don't. I would keep trying until you found the right one for you, you don't have to feel as bad as some will make you feel. Yes and no. Some can increase anxiety and depression, and some don't. I started birth control to help with my depression and anxiety, and it works very well. It varies from person to person. Talk to your doctor to find a birth control that would work best for you. I had to try a few different kinds of pills until I got one that helped reduce depression and anxiety. I would ask ablout a low hormon birth control pill,they are usually used in pre menapausal women .I was having a lot of trouble with my bc pills making my anxiety worse and then my Dr. put me on I forget the name but it helped.

What is lovan for?

Lovan is basically a complex chemical known as flouxetine, used to control anxiety, mood swings and depression, but with disaterous side effects such as attempting suicide, sleepiness, prone to anger and flat (showing no emotion).

What are the best crystals to control Anxiety?

Blue Lace Agate

Why do teens cut their wrist?

Cutting by teens is often a sign of severe depression and anxiety. Some do it for attention and as a cry for help. Some say that it relieves their pain, or helps control the pain in one spot for a amount of time

What is neurotic anxiety?

Neurotic anxiety is generally an unrealistic fear.It is also defined as the anxiety which arises from an unconscious fear that libidinal impulses of the id will take control at an inopportune time.

What is the true cause of Trichotillomania aslo known as severe obsessive compulsive hair pulling?

Trichotillomania is an impulse control disorder that is mostly attributed to other personality disorders like depression, anxiety, etc. although there is no "true" cause.An impulse control disorder where you pull out your own hair.

How do you cure the symptoms depression?

One of the may ways to help with curing the symptoms depression is to learn to control how you react with medical help There are many pills that can help stimulate the brain activity and control the depression

What can you do to stop depression after stopping taking birth control?

Depression is complicated and you need a doctor's help for that.

Are headaches common while taking Triphasil for birth control and Effexor for anxiety or depression?

I don't know what the correlation is between birth control and anxiety/depression medication but I do know that one of the side effects of taking the birth control pill is headaches, especially when you first start taking it. I agree with anonymous above, headaches is a common side effect when first taking the pill. I am on my second pack and my headaches can get pretty bad. As far as the anxiety/depression medication, you might want to ask your doctor but if the doctor prescribed your pills knowing you were on that medication you might be fine because they prescribe the pill that would be right for you based on your medical history. ask your Dr or pharmacist. i take both, and i do get bad headaches sometimes. headaches and migraines are a side effect of Effexor also, along w/ the pill I believe that headaches/migraines occur with Effexor especially if you don't take it close to the same time every day. Being off by just a little bit seemed to cause major headaches and nausea when I was on it. Withdrawal.

Are there vitamins that can help control depression symptoms.?

Doctors believe that B-Comples vitamins help control depression. These vitamin are very important for our emotional health. With that said, a daily intake of these vitamins will help with depression.

How to releive anxiety?

It would be best to contact your doctor for advice on relieving your anxiety. There are groups that meet together to discuss anxiety relief, you might find this helpful. As a last resort, there are medications that help control anxiety, unfortunately these drugs are addicting.

What is lithium used to control?

lithium is used to control manic episodes in manic depression.

Is psychological abuse basically hurting a person's feelings?

No, you can hurt someone's feelings without abusing them. Psychological abuse is the deliberate attempt to cause anxiety, depression, or loss of self-esteem, typically in trying to control another person and their actions.

What can I do to alleviate my anxiety and where can I get diagnosed?

The most important thing is to learn to relax and not to sweat the small stuff. Here is a good starting place to learn to control your anxiety:

What do people think of people with OCD?

clean freaks. Everything must be clean That's a stereotype, really they are people with severe obsessions that they can't control and the only way to soothe the anxiety is with compulsion necessary. It can lead to severe depression. And even suicide.

Can the birth control pill cause depression?

Yes, birth control pills simulate pregnancy so they can cause side effects similar to pregnancy such as mood swings and depression.

Is there such thing as unintentional depression?

of course there is ! people dont go into depression on purpose (intetially). its not something you can really control. :D

What has the author Adam Abdallah written?

Adam Abdallah has written: 'Relationship among internal-external locus of control, drive, manifest anxiety, and creativity in college students' -- subject(s): Creative ability, Anxiety, Persistence, Control (Psychology)