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No, baby red eared sliders can't have babies. They need to reach sexual maturity.

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โˆ™ 2016-04-02 00:13:18
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Q: Could baby red eared sliders have babies?
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How can you tell if your red eared slider is a baby?

Depends on how big it is!red eared sliders can get very big.

Do Baby Red Eared Sliders sleep a lot when they are young?

Baby red-eared sliders sleep as much as possible when they are young. In nature, they prefer to sleep on rocks or floating in shallow water.

Can you put 2 baby red eared sliders with 2 juvenile yellow belly sliders?

yes if they are friendly

What do you feed baby red eared sliders?

small feeder fish or pellets

How much do baby turtles cost at petco?

They cost $19.99 for red eared sliders.

How do red eared sliders mate?

Are you stupid? Everything mates. Do you mate? It would be hard for them to still be alive if they didnt have mini baby red eared sliders. Well are YOU stupid. you obviously can not read, the question is HOW DO THEY.

Can baby red eared sliders eat goldfish?

As long as the fish isn't any bigger than it.

What turtle is only sold at stores?

The only turtles that can be sold at stores are the baby Red-Eared Sliders

Can three baby red eared sliders live together safely?

ya they can but three male cnappers with one females going to be a big problem but red eared sliders are piec ful they want attac each other

Can baby red ear sliders live in deep water?

Yes there excellent swimmers. I have to baby red eared sliders and at first I thought they couldn't swim but i put hem in deep water and they were fine.

Is it okay to keep baby red eared sliders with juveniles?

Just as long as they can't get a hold of the turtle, or the tank.

Can baby red eared sliders eat tangerines?

No reason why not - although they may find the fruit a little tangy for their taste.

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