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Could it be a short if the brake lights and turn signals do not work on a '99 Neon?

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A short would blow a fuse. I would check the flasher which is under the eash on the drivers side. The emergency flasher is different from the turn signal flasher.

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Why do I have no running lights in the rear but my brake lights and turn signals work?

Blown fuse, broken wire, or short in your running lights circuit. you may also not have dash lights. Brake lights, T/S are on a separate circuit. Hope this helps, Mike

1979 Dodge B200 Sportsman V8 brake pedal makes all signal lights come on with brake lights the hazards or signals don't work on their own could it be a flasher?

On the 1979 B200 Sportsman V8 if the brake pedal makes all signal lights come on and hazards and flashers do not work on their own, it could be the flasher, but the culprit could also be a burned out bulb or a short in the wiring.

Why does the brake light stay on in a 1999 dodge stratus?

Brake lights could stay on in a 1999 Dodge Stratus because of a short in the wiring. If the headlamps are off and the brake lights are still on, check the wiring for the brake lights that is inside the trunk. Sometimes cargo in the trunk can interfere with the lights.

Your 1997 Suburban turn signals on the dashboard blink rapidly and but the back signals lights and brake lights don't work Bulbs and fuse are ok what should you do?

Answer Usually when the flasher blinks rapidly it's about finished. Try replacing the signal light flasher and see what happens. If you still don't have Brake Lights start looking for a short.

Both the brake as well as headlights turn on when you turn on the lights on your 1997 Jetta GLS Brake lights stay on while driving What should you be doing?

are you sure it is the brake lights and not the tail lights. if it is the brake lights you most likely have a short some where. go to a auto eletrican It is the brake lights which turn on. Short in the switch or the wiring?

What fuse controls the brake lights on a 96 Chevy 1500 All lights and turn signals work except no brake lights when brake pedal is pushed?

I'm not exactly sure which fuse it is, but it doesn't sound like a fuse to me. I would check the switch on the pedal, just simply short acrost it from terminal to terminal with a screwdriver, if the brake lights come on, the switch on the pedal is bad, if they don't then it probably is a fuse.

Why do my turn-signals and brake-lights work w lights off but when lights are on the turn-signals don't work right and nothing works when I hit the brakes?

You have a short, you also may have to check your bulbs i found on one of my blinkers the bulb was faulty, i replaced it and everything was all fine again.

What is the reason why the brake lights won't work but the turn signal lights do work on a 1995 suburban?

because the power comes from another source. the brakes have a switch located on the pedle that feeds the brake lights the signals are feed by there switch.J.R. Your light bulb's probably burnt out. Just take off the cover and screw a new one in there. Or you could have a short. If changing the bulb doesn't work, have an electrician take a look at it.

Why is your Geo Metro stuck in park?

Back up system fuse burned out and the tranmission has a lock out for park. Try changing the fuse and looking for a short in the brake lights or turn signals.

Why do trailer brake lights work and tail lights don't?

there may be a short get longer wires

Why don't the brake lights work on my Chevy Venture van 2000?

If the brake lights do not work on Chevy Venture van 2000, try to disconnect the brake switch. Then short the two contacts of the connector to check if the brake lights are now working.

What is the problem when head lights are on and the tail lights dont work but the brake lights work?

If the headlights are on and brake lights work but not the tail lights, it is possible there is a short in the electrical wires. Another cause for this could be that the tail light bulbs are burned out. Most vehicles have more than one bulb inside the tail lights to control different lights at the same time.

What do you do about 1989 cutlass supreme your brake lights stay on all the time?

Check the brake light switch. It's under the dash, connected to the brake pedal. If it's adjusted wrong or faulty, it could cause the brake lights to stay on. If you can use a meter and tell that the brake light switch is ok, next test the turn signal switch. Sometimes they short out and leave the brake lights on. You'll have to pull the steering wheel to do that.

Why do you have no brake lights when applying brakes?

Because something's wrong, of course. What it could be... bad switch, break/short in the wiring, bad fuse or relay, or even just bad bulbs.. chances are, your car uses dual filament bulbs for the brake lights, where they'll function as both marker lights (with one filament active) and brake lights (with both filaments energized).

Why does my back up lights come on with my brake lights?

i would dare say u have a dead short or ground problems or wire rubn with brake wire

You step on the brake when the directional is on and all the lights flash is there a short in the lights or the fuse box?

If you have a plug for trailer lghts it is probably a short circuit in the socket.

Your 95 neon stalls when you step on the brake and after you start the car the fuel gauge goes to E and all the back up lights and brake lights come on?

Check for a short in your wiring harness or connectors under the dash. Particularly in the vicinity of your brake pedal. It could be rubbing on some wires.

Why is it that when you turn the steering wheel it presses the brakes?

Does it actually engage the brakes, or just the brake lights? There should be no possible way for the steering wheel to actuate the braking system, but a short in the wiring somewhere in the steering column could be causing both rear signal lights or brake lights to come on.

94 dodge Intrepid brake lights stay on when car not running?

If the brake lights stay on when the car is not running on most vehicles, including the 1994 Dodge Intrepid, there is probably a short somewhere in the wiring to the brake lights. The first place to investigate this problem would be the wires along the firewall that control the brake lights. Also, check the brake light switch above the brake pedal.

Whats wrong when all the lights work except the brake lights and the fuses and bulbs are good and the outside cab brake light works?

If all the fuses and bulbs are new and work properly, the lights could be malfunctioning due to a short in the wiring. The wiring may also be damaged or burned out in places.

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